Friday, June 17, 2011

Two feet.

I see my life one way.
At times it doesn't seem like it really matches. But then one day I sit down and take a look and realize, I ended up were I wanted to be.
I think my entire life I have take the road less traveled. Actually the road less traveled is probably the road most traveled. I know more people who forge their own paths than ones that walk through life on a pre-charted road.
Taking your own path is hard.
Some times there's no one who thinks your doing it right. But how can you ever be doing it wrong?
If life is not predetermined then you're never a screw up. Then you never make the wrong choice. You never fail. Even when you fail.
Learning is one of the most important parts of life.
Nothing is failing if you learn.
If you can take nothing with you after you die, but family and what you have learned then only two things matter.
Love and knowledge.

Even when the worst things happen.
I see my life one way.
I've always found that comforting.
I've always known how my life would be.
I think everyone who knows me, has too.
Maybe they saw it differently.
But I don't see how you could really know me and not know.
How could you not know?

You rarely get what you deserve out of life.
But that's ok.
I know people who deserve nothing.
I know people who deserve every thing.

When bad things happen it takes a long time to recover.
People don't understand that.
When bad things happen it takes a long time to recover
Not even I myself understand that.
When I can't recover quickly and keep up I feel like a failure.
But if you never really fail, if everything good or bad, long or short, rich or poor, is part of your path then I'm still moving forward.

Eventually I can see things clearly.
It feels like I closed my eyes and heard everything fall apart.
I waited until the noises calmed, and opened my eyes.
When I opened my eyes I was safe.
I know what it sound like when my life falls apart.
I know what it looks like when I make it through.
And now I'm learning what it feels like to continue on.

Life is lived with two feet.
Your heart changes.
Your mind wanders.
Your eyes see the new.
And your two feet go forward.
Forward on a path I made for my self.
One I've always known I would take.