Saturday, August 16, 2008

To be a big sister

those last 2 entries sound like something I would have wrote in grade 8. lol. oh well, you can take the girl out of the farm but you cant take the farm outta her.
Anyways, this past week my younger brother has been staying at my house. I dont think I have spent this much time with him since my mom got re-married (4 years ago). First off I noticed a few things. he's still the same just much much LARGER. He still doesnt say much, and when he does its really hard to follow, he's really bad at telling stories. He still eats A LOT. I still have no problem telling him what to do, and he still does it.
He is how ever a lot cleaner. He does dishes and picks up his crap. And he has interest other than the latest ninja turtle action figure now. He knows about grown up things, like drivers licences and such.
We had a pretty good time, on Friday I kinda wanted to drop kick him. But I think thats more that he back talks now and it pisses me off.
It has been weird to be a big sister again. I declared my Independence a long time ago. And for the most part I have been doing it with out my parents. So It has been strange to have family around, my plans to pick up and move cant be blurted out at every moment and I have to watch what I say. it's weird how your family is part of your life but at the same time totally not. Being a big sister again was fun, but I think I still like my freedom. funny how with me family is like being tied down. I dont know why I think like that. Weird.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Candian Id'Earl

Im sure there are plenty of american Idol fans out there, but i've never really gotten in to that show. I have always felt that the singers were not very unique (minus jason castero from this season). But only twice have become obsesed with Canadain Idol. The second season, because of jacob hoggard.

Who only made it to the top 3, but has become the most successful Idol in Canada, Because of his band Hedley. But after being completely obsessed with Idol for um well many many years, I have finally found someone Who I think is equally as talented as Jacob (if not more).
Earl Stevenson. I highly suggest you check him out hes A) beautiful and B) EXTREMELY talented and C) Albertan!!!

I also have an amazing talent to predict the winner of Canadian Idol. In season 2 I guess who it would come down to (Kalan and Teresa) And that Jacob would be 3......he's amazing just not what Canada wanted (Canada being the old Lady's and 15 year olds).
So in the end I love EARL! and hope he goes away.....but I truly think he's to talented to win Canadian Idol something about him always being him, makes me want to marry him, but not make Canada vote.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Soundtrack to My Life

If theres one thing I love it's music......These are a few brilliant artist I've worn out on my Ipod this month. Their definately worth taking a listen to..... Funny how they all look pretty much the same! Enjoy.
P.S. In no way are any of these artist hard rock. so have no fear your ears are safe this month!

MATT COSTA------fav song of the moment:
Behind The Moon
Whiskey and Wine

JACK JOHNSON------Fav song of the moment:
Lullaby (feat. Matt costa)
Banana Pancake

GAVIN DEGRAW--------------Fav song of the moment:

THE BEATLES-------------------------Fav song of the moment: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Here Comes The Sun

CITY AND COLOUR----Fav song of the moment:
Hello I'm in Delaware

THE DOORS---------Fav Song Of The Moment:
Light My Fire
Peace frog

Death Cab For Cutie---------Favorite song of the moment:
A Lack Of Color

Ryan Adams--------Favorite song of the moment:
Come pick Me up

Ophelia- The Band
Oh Atlanta- Allison Krauss
Lola-The Kinks
Love This Town-Joel PLaskett
Little Bones- The Tragivally Hip
Magic Carpet Ride- Steppenwolf
Viva La Vida- Cold Play
Remind Yourself - Tyler Kyle
Honey Honey- ABBA
SOS- Mad Caddies

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 days off= Heaven

So as those of you who have read me last blog know, I put my back out. The pain wasn't good, but the 4 days I got off work for it, was great! I had to endure alot of pain for those 4 days off, so I decided to enjoy them to the fullest.
Friday night as you may or may not (but you should or your crazy.) know was the night before breaking dawn came out. Now I dont think of my self as a scary twilight fan, but in reality I am. So I dragged my roomie along with me to chapters to eagerly wait in line for 2 hours for me pre ordered copy of the greatest book ever written!
So I then re-thought the whole 4 days off plan. yes I could sleep and do all the things the chiropractor ordered.....or I could read breaking dawn non stop for 2 of the 4 days. I chose option #2. Do you blame me? I mean come on. Its been months since I finished eclipse....I needed to know, and then I was hooked. I like to think of the twilight series as my own personal drug. Once I start. theres no putting it down. After finishing Breaking dawn I was broke and couldn't but the next one. it drove me completely crazy! (Sad I know) I just want more Edward and Bella, More Jacob, More of the Cullens. I a have to take this second to thank Stephanie Meyers for here amazing books. With out them I would still be a normal person. Who isnt addicted to an imaginary family! lol.
In the end I finished Breaking dawn yesterday at noon. After I shut the book, I felt a kind of lose. a sadness. Thats it. Thats all. And i have spent every hour since then dreaming of twilight. Last night I had a dream about vampires. This is strange for me....I usually have really weird and warped dreams, but never with imaginary characters in them. And who dreams about vampires!!!
But now I get to enter back into the real world, back to work, and no more Twilight to read.

So on a slightly less obsessive note, Saturday, my Mom and Brother and Step sister came for a visit. They brought me a new couch.
I dont know If I mentioned it but, I moving to a new place!!! Im so excited, I spend hours at work thinking about re decorating and all the fun I`m going have in this apartment. Just me and Laura.
Anyways My family. So the came and dragging this huge couch into my living room with no help from me, (Back pain So inconvenient.) And then we were off to run errands and such. I usually have a blast with my mom, But it seems when you add other members of my family in the plot, we dont get along so well. I dont know why, its rather strange. But Its always been like that. Im pretty sure thats why my mom spend more alone time with me. So we can enjoy it. By the enc of the day we had crossed the line with teasing my brother, and she was tired broke and ready to go. Oh well, I guess I just forget sometimes that she`s my mom. I usually think of her more as a friend. I guess thats why when she acts motherly Its so weird for me.
After they left, the slightly down mood was lifted by a trip to the theater. To see Mama Mia. What a great movie that is. Its corny and dumb. But I dont think anyone can resist a good ABBA song. And the guy that plays sky, is rather good looking. Not to mention, the Mom and her 2 best friends remind me of My 2 best friends and me. I sure 30 years from know when our first kids are about to get married, there might be quite a bit of singing and dancing form the 3 of us. If not just because we think it would be fun, but to embarrass our children

Friday, August 1, 2008

to love life....or to break down that is the question.

have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything goes right and wrong at the same time? It sounds impossible, but it is not.
At this moment theres so many things going right for me, but so many things not.
I got a new apartment. I love it, its going to be just me and laura. Its by stores and not in the middle of no where. It gets to be all me and laura, and I am so stoked for it.
But I found out my LandLady...let us call her Sister Anal, Wasnt planning on letting us stay here after our lease was up. Because we dont clean the house good enough. First I dont see what that has to do with her, and second I have a life!!!! Dishes take the back-burner! Freak I hate her. it was really nice of her to tell us this, so we had time to find a place. I have a place, but what if I didnt? Where would I be then?
I Finally am working descent hours. I'm wracking in the money, which is great. I dont even mind that I have literally no life. All the money is getting my debt payed off.
I hurt my back. well not just hurt. damaged horribly. I saw the chiropractor, he was disgusted with how horrible my back was. Told me to get on workers comp....cuz unless i enjoy the stabbing pains in my back, my back wont be getting better anytime soon.
I Quit my second job at Key Man. It was great! I'm so glad to be getting some spare time back. I forgot how nice it is just to relax.
However, after my manager read my notice, she decided to be rather annoying. and instead of giving me normal hours, so I could make as much as I could my last 2 weeks she gave me 2, 3 hours shifts! what a waste of my time!
N wrote me on facebook. It was great to talk to him. I really miss him, and we have great convos. He told me to call him so we can talk on the phone.
This ripped open the slowly healing wound, that occured after he left. and I started getting over him. Now I am back to the " If you arnt suppose to be in my life why are you?"
So these are a few things in my life right now. Is it good or is it bad I dont no. But I plan to lose my self in the next twilight book! I get my copy at 12:01am!