Friday, April 24, 2009


OK so I read a fabulous blog....Clever girl goes Blog.....I really only read girl blogs (excluding B) I find that they are far more practical.
For instance on a male blog this entry would be about fire, and slabs of large meat.
a women's blog entry on this would about beautiful cabana boys feeding her the best types of chocolate......that's another problem I have with male blogs, they don't talk about chocolate near enough!
Any ways Clever Girl recently post her top 5 things to take on a desert Island. I feel that since I wish I was stranded on an island, due to the snow out my window, I would try my hand at it.
Please note that I have no problem stealing clever girls idea's....I mean she's cleaver. so.....

#1 item Edward Cullens.
Not only is he fabulously good looking, he is also a mad hunter. so finding food on the island would be a snap, he would drink the blood I would eat the meat. Also he has skin that shines like billions of diamonds. So of course we would have to act out the scene in twilight when he first shows Bella his skin in the light....not lamely like in the movie. Actually we would spend most of the time on the island acting out scenes from the book! lol. His skin would also double as a way to signal help......not that I would want help if I was stranded on an island with Edward Cullens!

#2 An Ipod.
Not only would it be an Ipod, but it would be a solar powered Ipod, so it never dies no me. Full of all the music I love, along with podcast of the latest gossip girl episodes and any movie that Gerard Buttler or Shia LaBouf are in. Also if I get a new Ipod.....which I would since my Ipod does not have solar powerness I would like it to be a fabulous color--pink maybe lime green. Oh and did I mention it is a water proof Ipod as well? no well it is.

#3 John Freda Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner.
I have a slight obsession with the greasiness of my hair. and this Shampoo is just about the most amazing thing that has graced my scalp. just because I'm on a island doesn't mean I have to be dirty! no need for straighteners or hair dryers--just give me a bottle of John Freda and I will be fine! well you know an endless supply, and then I'll be fine.

#4 Reese Peanut Butter Cups.
I have the fruit on the island, the meat Edwards got covered. But the chocolate, now that's something no women should have to live with out! plus Peanut Butter Cups have protein a la the peanut butter! so I will be set for nutrition...and the best thing about this is Edward can hold on to them for me, not only does he not eat, so there will be no fear of them slowly disappearing. He also has freakishly cold skin----can you say person fridge, no melted chocolate for this stranded girl.

#5 A Bed.
I am a fan of beauty sleep, I'll need it if I will be sharing this island with Edward. I can use all the sleep I can get. My bed come with pillows and blankets, and a solar power massage in the mattress. The best part is sleep will be a slice, since Edward doesn't sleep he can keep the look out for wild beast and savage head hunters!

Wow this being stranded business doesn't sound that whens the next cricketty plane from forks to somewhere off the coast of New Zealand??

Friday Afternoon Listening





The Apple Capital

Since the snow has put a damper on the spring time happiness, I thought I would share a few pictures from my visit home. Washington state!

Just a few of the Apple capitals jems........made better by my kick butt digital camera (brought to me by T and Aunt J)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Making the world a greener place is a passion of mine. here a few small things you can do this year to reduce your impact on the planet my children will have to live on!

For those of use who are just really lazy:
-go see Disney's "earth" opening night tonight. every ticket bought during opening week is a tree Disney plants.
-take back 25 plastic bags to Wal-Mart tonight and in exchange you will get one free reusable shopping bag.

Here are 12 easy things you can do today to make our planet a better, safer place.

1.Have a meatless meals day. By taking meat out of our diets for just one day a week, it would be like taking 20000 medium sized SUV's off the earth.

2.A mug of your own. Every year Americans throw away 25 billion polystyrene cups(fast food drink cups) and 25 billion individual water bottles, most of which end up in landfills. Instead buy a reusable to-go mug and a bottle that you can refill with filtered tap water. Bring your own (to a coffee shop, a meeting), and you cut down on Styrofoam.

3.Cone Zone. A cone beats a cup. Cups are made of plastic, therefor adding to our epidemic and cone are in your stomach. if you don't like cone's try using a spoon, lick it until you can't lick anymore, and spoon the rest out. Using a reusable metal spoon of course. A cone will biodegrade, a cup is for life.

4.Clean without chemicals. Vinegar and baking soda make a great chemical free cleaner. by switching to natural cleaners you can save up to $165 a year. and they safe for baby's and pets to slobber and suck on! tip a bit of lemon juice and veggie oil works like charm on woods. and leaves a real lemon scent.

5. get a reusable cloth bag for groceries and other tasks. Not only will you be saving plastic, but for you bussers out there it super easy to carry around. Leaving you with more hands to do more. We through away 100 billion plastic bags every year. and those don't go away. Ireland made a law that each plastic bag given out would cost the customer 50 cents. in three days the plastic bag consumption went down 95%! way to go Ireland.

6.Stop the junk mail! no one likes junk mail, so way not nip that one in the bud. 100 million trees a year get cut down to deliver us junk mail. take your names off the mailing lists. Use eBill for your bills, and order the paper online! save some trees this year.

7. Switch to recycled Toilet paper......I know that sounds disgusting but its not made from used TP. It may be a little less luxurious than 3 ply, but it saves the homes and lives of millions of people. Who get put out of there homes, and robbed of there land. So companies can plant trees for TP. plus it drastically cuts down on paper waste in our landfills.

8.Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) use four times less energy than incandescent ones. If every American family substituted five CFL bulbs for incandescent, it would be equivalent to taking eight million cars off the road for a year.

9.Lint builds up after every dryer cycle, reducing the machine's efficiency. Removing it does a lot to decrease its usually massive energy use. Also it cuts down on house hold fires, just a note you may want to consider. 3 second to delint the dryer or a life time of memories destroyed in a fire!

10.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, architectural coatings such as paints and varnishes are the second-largest source of fumes from volatile organic compounds, substances that evaporate at room temperature and react in sunlight to form photochemical smog. Look for cans with "No VOC." We'll all breathe easier. Also if you don't use a whole can these paints can be recycled for money back!

11.shorten your showers and turn your water heater down 10 degrees. for every 2 minutes you shave of a shower you save 10 gallons of water. and by turning your hot water heater down 10 degrees and insulating it you can save up to $200 a year on water cost. And really you can't feel the 10 degrees less!

12.The average computer left on all day uses nearly 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, producing more than a ton of carbon emissions. So turn off your computer anytime you're not on it, and eliminate the screen saver function, which uses more energy than the sleep mode.

There you have it readers 14 ways to help the planet, and you pockets. make it your goal this year to be a little more earth friendly!
The planet will love you for it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A mission

tonight the Elders came over for dinner at my house. I don't really know either of them, and both of my room mates are hardcore...groupies of these two guys. So I was pretty sure that it would be a tiny bit awkward. Which it was, how ever the emotion that I am now left with are confusing.
Why could I not open up to these missionaries? the priesthood holder Joel that was here I talked to, I was timid but not mute.
I just couldn't open my self up to these two elders, I wanted to. I wanted to laugh and to joke, I wanted to talk and to make friends. But I just couldn't.
I feel like I may have some Major missionary baggage.
A long time ago there was this missionary, I can't remember for the life of me what his name was. I was 6, I think, when he was in our branch.
I remember loving him to death, I remember we use to step on each other toes, and he use to chase me around the church. I loved him, he was like a big brother. And then he was transferred I didn't see him after that. But I remember being really upset about that.
I think that's the root of this whole not being able to open up to the missionaries. I have always had the men I'm closest to leave. Befriending a missionary is like setting myself up to fail. They will leave, and they will touch your life in ways you thought unimaginable.
I guess that must be it, see I am great friends with the sister missionaries, but never the Elders.
I also think it maybe because it has been drilled into my mind that missions are for serving the lord. So to me the thought of making friends with a house of single girls is wrong. I'm sure its not. I'm sure it's fine, I'm sure it's part of a mission. But I just can't open up!
Well I get to meet another one tomorrow, I'm sure it will be easier the more I see them. But I don't think I have ever been so quiet in all my life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving on

I started composing this brilliant blog post in my head one day. Witty, sarcastic, smart, interesting, grammar perfect, spelling better.
That blog post is all about moving on. I doubt this blog post will be as brilliant as the one I started in my head. Probably for the reasons B once pointed out, 20 year olds don't pay much attention to the small things.
He was referring to the fact that each time I got in his car I would mess up the floor mat, and not notice it.
But he is right, I'm 20 my spelling isn't perfect and my political views aren't completely knowledgeable. That's the beauty of this blog. One day I will have perfect grammar and I will be able to converse about the political policies of the heads of the world. One day this blog could be a deep read, you might have to pull out a dictionary just to get through the first paragraph.
For now it remains in childish ignorance, the same ignorance that causes me not to notice how horribly bad I messed up B's car mat.
This blog grows with me, It moves on with me. It always feels what I feel, it only says what I want it to.
I went through a while where I couldn't post. My blog couldn't say what I needed it to. I realized, due to the lapse in posting, that this blog has helped me grow as well. Most of the time I post what ever is on my mind, despite who I hurt by saying it. I suddenly found my self not posting my feelings, because of how my words could effect someone. Gossip was something I never thought was a big deal, I can talk about what ever I want, despite whither it was infringing on someones privacy. When I realized that I didn't want to post in fear of hurting someone close to me, I knew, this blog grew me up as well as grew with me.
I hope that those of you how read my blog regularly have seen the changes in me over the past few months. If not, I'm sure you will.
Now is the time to build a life, not a love story. Not a fairy tale, but a life. Now is the time to start my career, to experience the world. To prepare myself, spiritual, mentally, and physically for what lies ahead.
So I'm moving on, I've done everything I could think of to leave the past in the past.
Psychiatrists, burning pictures and dream catchers, deleting messages, talking to everyone I know, praying, cutting my hair, throwing him away, changing my clothes, changing me. The only thing left to do is to just put one foot forward, and not look back.
So here I go, acceptance letter in hand, to keep becoming what I am meant to be.

A night in the 40's

Last night was closing social, for YSA.
A night the 40's. It was a rather cool themed dance. A live, big band was the music. The costumes were great! mine especially! =) So since I have found love in a new time era (not romantically) I thought I'd dedicate this post to the 1940's!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Thing About Room Mates 2

I was surprisingly scared to move in with my new batch of room mates.....I avoided being here for a whole day.
Then I left to Washington.
And then I was back, to confront these new room mates.

The thing about room mates, is the are always relatively the same. Personality wise no, but situation wise YES!
Threes always some kind of underlined drama with some one who is either still in or recently left the house. Or maybe that's just what happens to me. Through the ruins there rises a Cathy to save the day!
So at first i was rather intimated by these new room mates, but now a week later, I love them.

Kam is the first room mate. I hit it off with her from the beginning, we have a lot in common. She is loud! I mean LOUD! but I can handle loud, I'm pretty loud sometimes......not really not that much. But I'm use to loud, I lived with Matea. I want to nick name Kam, Boy Kamatic. She has a crap load of boy drama. Which she dropped on me the first day I was nice to meet you to! But I can handle long as I don't become part of the drama, she can talk all she wants! that was my first impression of the screaming giddy little girl who is now my second room mate. She is louder than Kamatic. She screams to the world most everything. That was a little over whelming at first. The best way to describe Leah is this.......Matea/Carrie.
she is the mixture of these two friends of mine. Matea for her big heart and Loudness. Carrie for her cockiness and boy craziness. I wasn't to sure about Leah at first. Since I hate Carrie, and Matea I love but did not love to live with. But since the initial meet, she has grown on me. Still loud, but handle able.

And Erin. Erin is quiet, way quiet. But a sweetheart. I went to high school with her. And even though I never pictured her living with a bunch of girls like Kamatic, and Leah. But she fits in pretty well.

All in all I see many crazy night together, spent Boy chatting and doing just really crazy things.
So far so good.