Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Thing About Room Mates 2

I was surprisingly scared to move in with my new batch of room mates.....I avoided being here for a whole day.
Then I left to Washington.
And then I was back, to confront these new room mates.

The thing about room mates, is the are always relatively the same. Personality wise no, but situation wise YES!
Threes always some kind of underlined drama with some one who is either still in or recently left the house. Or maybe that's just what happens to me. Through the ruins there rises a Cathy to save the day!
So at first i was rather intimated by these new room mates, but now a week later, I love them.

Kam is the first room mate. I hit it off with her from the beginning, we have a lot in common. She is loud! I mean LOUD! but I can handle loud, I'm pretty loud sometimes......not really not that much. But I'm use to loud, I lived with Matea. I want to nick name Kam, Boy Kamatic. She has a crap load of boy drama. Which she dropped on me the first day I was nice to meet you to! But I can handle long as I don't become part of the drama, she can talk all she wants! that was my first impression of the screaming giddy little girl who is now my second room mate. She is louder than Kamatic. She screams to the world most everything. That was a little over whelming at first. The best way to describe Leah is this.......Matea/Carrie.
she is the mixture of these two friends of mine. Matea for her big heart and Loudness. Carrie for her cockiness and boy craziness. I wasn't to sure about Leah at first. Since I hate Carrie, and Matea I love but did not love to live with. But since the initial meet, she has grown on me. Still loud, but handle able.

And Erin. Erin is quiet, way quiet. But a sweetheart. I went to high school with her. And even though I never pictured her living with a bunch of girls like Kamatic, and Leah. But she fits in pretty well.

All in all I see many crazy night together, spent Boy chatting and doing just really crazy things.
So far so good.

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burns said...

so far so good. and i don't think you're loud, but that might be because you were always in shock watching me say and do strange things:) love you