Friday, April 24, 2009


OK so I read a fabulous blog....Clever girl goes Blog.....I really only read girl blogs (excluding B) I find that they are far more practical.
For instance on a male blog this entry would be about fire, and slabs of large meat.
a women's blog entry on this would about beautiful cabana boys feeding her the best types of chocolate......that's another problem I have with male blogs, they don't talk about chocolate near enough!
Any ways Clever Girl recently post her top 5 things to take on a desert Island. I feel that since I wish I was stranded on an island, due to the snow out my window, I would try my hand at it.
Please note that I have no problem stealing clever girls idea's....I mean she's cleaver. so.....

#1 item Edward Cullens.
Not only is he fabulously good looking, he is also a mad hunter. so finding food on the island would be a snap, he would drink the blood I would eat the meat. Also he has skin that shines like billions of diamonds. So of course we would have to act out the scene in twilight when he first shows Bella his skin in the light....not lamely like in the movie. Actually we would spend most of the time on the island acting out scenes from the book! lol. His skin would also double as a way to signal help......not that I would want help if I was stranded on an island with Edward Cullens!

#2 An Ipod.
Not only would it be an Ipod, but it would be a solar powered Ipod, so it never dies no me. Full of all the music I love, along with podcast of the latest gossip girl episodes and any movie that Gerard Buttler or Shia LaBouf are in. Also if I get a new Ipod.....which I would since my Ipod does not have solar powerness I would like it to be a fabulous color--pink maybe lime green. Oh and did I mention it is a water proof Ipod as well? no well it is.

#3 John Freda Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner.
I have a slight obsession with the greasiness of my hair. and this Shampoo is just about the most amazing thing that has graced my scalp. just because I'm on a island doesn't mean I have to be dirty! no need for straighteners or hair dryers--just give me a bottle of John Freda and I will be fine! well you know an endless supply, and then I'll be fine.

#4 Reese Peanut Butter Cups.
I have the fruit on the island, the meat Edwards got covered. But the chocolate, now that's something no women should have to live with out! plus Peanut Butter Cups have protein a la the peanut butter! so I will be set for nutrition...and the best thing about this is Edward can hold on to them for me, not only does he not eat, so there will be no fear of them slowly disappearing. He also has freakishly cold skin----can you say person fridge, no melted chocolate for this stranded girl.

#5 A Bed.
I am a fan of beauty sleep, I'll need it if I will be sharing this island with Edward. I can use all the sleep I can get. My bed come with pillows and blankets, and a solar power massage in the mattress. The best part is sleep will be a slice, since Edward doesn't sleep he can keep the look out for wild beast and savage head hunters!

Wow this being stranded business doesn't sound that whens the next cricketty plane from forks to somewhere off the coast of New Zealand??

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Bobbi-Jo said...

Oooooh, good ones! I think I'll just hop on whatever island you're on! I'd bring my husband along, no worries. Edward is all yours ;)