Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm back!

and  $150 poorer, but at least I have my lap top back! As it has been a week since I have seriously sat down and posted. Thanks all for the comments on the last post! I liked it. I want to write you a big long post but I can barely keep my eyes open. So here are some photos taken today with Bri and BeauG. Hopefully I can catch you up soon.................after I catch up on sleep!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

that girl you want to trust

That's me, yup. That girl, you know the one. The one who looks like a lot of fun, and then is.
The one who earns your trust, and then keeps it.
I'm that girl who values people.
That girl who you are just so comfortable with.
The one who knows all your secrets, and you know they will be safe.
I'm that girl you laugh with.
The one who lets you be a pervert, an asshole, a sweaty.
That girl who will go see action movies just because of the look you get on your face, even though I am dyeing to see someone kiss.
I'm the girl who listens to your stories, and the laughs like you are so clever.
The girl who actually thinks you are clever.
I am also the girl who needs a hug when things get hard.
The girls who needs a listening ear.
That girl that loves when you make her laugh.
I'm the one who goes out with the girls, and hopes you go out with the guys.
The one who sings when she is happy, and sighs when she is bored.
I am that girl that you always trust.
But remember I need that kind of a man.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my interent is down

Mostly my Lap Top sucks.......I swear I will get a Mac one of these days and be done with this PC bull!
But for now I will let you all know I am alive.
Between work, school and homework I am surprised that I am still wake!
Oh sleep how I miss you so.....your wonderful and amazing and one of these days I will enjoy you to your fullest.
Interent should be up next week! look for a new post then.
Until then feel free to comment on old post!
I like comments.
And if you are a reader, but have not clicked follow or commented please do so!
Take a look at old posts, and please stop on by such blogs as Peter DeWolf, 4MonkeyMom, and Clever girl goes blog!
Talk to you in a bit!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Book Store Couple

"Why are we standing in this book store still?"
"Did you really just ask me that?"
"Yes! It's been a long day and all I want is to go home, turn on the TV and have you give me a foot message."
"Really? That’s it? You don't want to stand here and read my book with your chin on my shoulder?"
"I don't do that!"
"Yes you do. But its ok, I like it."
"You do?"
"I like most of the annoying things you do."
"What! If it is annoying then why would you let me to do it?"
"The same reason you let me wear sweet pants on Saturdays."
"I let you wear them because you would cry for the rest of the day if you couldn't."
"No you don't."
"I think I would know."
"Pick that book up...."
"I don't want to read, I want to go home."
"Ok here!"

 He opens it up and starts to read it. She looks around annoyed eventually she gives in and rests her chin on his shoulder and starts to read.

"That's why I let you where sweet pants?"
"That's also why you put up with me! Ok we can go."
"No. Let's stay."
"What? You just spent half an hour nagging me!?"
"I know, but I forgot how much you loved me."
"I do don't I?"
"Well that’s what I read over your shoulder."
"Good. I was worried you read the part about killing your fish."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what if I am sick of being in the friend zone?

True story. I'm too nice.
I decided I liked a guy. I decided to take charge and add him on FB (stop laughing it's how the kids today do it!)
He started to talk to me. It went well.
He sat with me in class, he looked over at me while I was paying attention, and watched me write.
I tried to be flirty. I tried to mystrious.
Then he needed me to be nice to him. So I was.
And I totally screwed up all chances with him. WHY AM I SO NICE!!!!!!
I placed my self ever so perfectly in the friend zone!
I am destined to be alone forever at this rate!

Monday, November 9, 2009

DeWolf rant

ok have I mentioned how much I love Peter DeWolf?
This is short, but I am very serious.
Go to his blog, read his letters to his future wife! and fall in love with him!!! NOW!!!
Becasue he is just so.............great!

Have a good day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another week

I meant to post several times this week. However, every time I picked up my laptop I forgot what I had to tell you all about!
So I will start from the begining and let my lovely week un fold.

Lauraj is getting married. I know right. Your jaw just hit the floor didn’t it? Well since her exodus from Wilbur she has cleaned up her life, met herself a nice man, and will be getting married in February. Here is a pic of them....and the ring.

Yup so I am the maid of honour. This is my second time having that title. I think it will be a bit better to be Lauraj's maid of honour then it was to be Liz’s. First off I am actually Lauraj's BFF. Second of all she lives SO far away; she can't really put anything on me. Mostly this whole engagement thing has brought us closer together again. Man it takes some drastic situations for me and my friends to stay close. First Stephy had to get preggers, now Lauraj had to get engaged! lol. 
I am taking my first trip to Toronto! I am overly excited........I maybe more excited to go to TO, then about Lauraj's wedding. As I have strictly always lived on the west of Canada, I have never seen what the east has to offer. I've heard it's great. Hopefully it does not disappoint! The second best thing about going East is that NicTO is East! I miss her SO much; I can't wait to have coffee with her. To talk about actual topics! To have an intelligent last! How I have longed to have one of our conversations!
I have been putting off school work. I planned to do it all on Remembrance day, since I had that day off school. Then I looked at my work schedule. WORKING. I always hate when I get to work and they book me on a holiday. Especially when that holiday falls in the days I am not available to work category. But they feel that I am able to work, since I have no school. Technically they are right! Physically I will not be attending school that day. But Mentally I was going to be up to my eye balls in homework! So today is the new allotted catch up day. Its noon and I am still on my it’s going really well! lol.
Friday night my new friend Beau wanted to hang out. Since my life is often lame and uneventful, I said yes. It was a fun night. But I learned a few things.
A few days ago I took some pictures downtown with Bri, JessMcMurry, and Beau.
I posted them on FB. However I did not think any one would be harmed by them. They were. Beau's GF didn't like them. As a very drunk Beau informed me, She wasn't happy he was hanging out with girls because she thought he wanted to sleep with us. He however does not. After his big long speel about how mad she was, and how much she did not like me or Bri, he told us the best news of all. She is coming to the college all next week! And we get to meet her! Doesn't that sound delightful!?
I saw paranormal activities last night.......if you planned on seeing it here's a heads up, I’m going to spoil it for you. 
It was lame. I was so excited to see the scariest movie of the year; I wanted to be so scared that I would not be able to sleep for a week! It did not live up to the hype.
First of it is shot "Blair witch" style, but it just looked so staged. My favourite part had to have been when he put a wigi board on the table and then just "forgot" to turn off the camera when him and his girlfriend left. Suddenly the wind starts to blow the plants around, even thought the windows and doors are close. And then it happened, the wigi board started moving by its self......... And then it started on fire! OMG no way!!!!
Then best part by far is when the demon grabs her foot and pulls her out of bed, it takes her a good 5minutes to start screaming after she smacks her head on the floor and get dragged out of her room by......nothing! Oh wait I mean the demon!
The ending was predictable, the first time she got out of bed and just stared at her BF for like 4 hours, I knew she would end up possessed. So when she did it again, and the walked out of the room I knew what was going to happen.
And as soon as I heard her scream and saw her boyfriend rush out of the room, with out the camera I knew his time was up. Turns out she was possessed by the demon and she killed him. The very end is the camera looking at nothing. And the suddenly something flies at the camera(his body) and she is standing there in front of it covered in blood. then she moves her neck weirdly and continues to snack on her boyfriend.
I laugh more then anything…………….disappointing.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fan of Fridays

I love scary movies! I not really sure why, since I always end up scared out of my mind and awake all night. But in the quest to find a movie that is actually scary I am going to this movie........

Hopefully I will be a fan of it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Post mortem evaluation

Real dedication is bloggin beyond the grave! In all seriousness I did have a horrid flu. And since I am kind of a baby when I am sick, or maybe because I was suffering from a fever I decided I was dying.
I'm healthy it reincarnation...................To my same life and body!
Now that I am healthy I can tell you all about my weekend, after I got over the flu.

I went to work. During a conversation with a co worker I mentioned I needed to take a picture of a person telling a story with the shot for a class. She happens to know someone who eats fire. Wow, not every day you meet some one who just knows a fire eater, but ok. So she said she would find out when he was doing it next and I could go take photos. I thought that would be great! A few hours later she sent me a message on FB. She said he offered to do a private show for me..........uhhhhhhhh........Now call me a sceptic but I'm not into free shows of any kind from strangers. Just saying. So I gratefully declined, and am still searching for the perfect story to capture.

I went to a Halloween party Saturday night. Bri was hosting it. Since she is only 17 clubbing is not something she does. So while the rest of our friends dressed up and headed to the dance floor, we headed to her house. For a good wholesome night of pumpkin carving, games, and scary movies. I make it sound lame, but I did actually have fun.
However Bri invited this girl she works with (well actually the girl invited herself). She was one of those socially awkward girls. The kind that stares just a little too long, and says strange things.
When it came time for the movie, I had high hopes. I love horror movies......blood guts and gore. I enjoy jumping half way out of my seat when the killer jumps out. This movie was kind of a disappointment. Trick or Treat had some interesting stories in it. However there were so many stories all in one movie it got confusing. And it was interesting but not scary......a downer on Halloween. However there was a part about a girl who I at first thought was a virgin. Then thought was a vampire, and turned out to be a werewolf that ripped her skin off very graphically and was replaced with sick wolf fur.

Sunday Bri and I went to the lake to see if we could get a great photo. Turns out people in Western Canada don't just chill out next to a lake in the early November months. Something about minus 20 winds. But I did get a few good ones, so I will share them with you! Enjoy!


P.S. this is your first look at Bri!