Monday, November 2, 2009

Post mortem evaluation

Real dedication is bloggin beyond the grave! In all seriousness I did have a horrid flu. And since I am kind of a baby when I am sick, or maybe because I was suffering from a fever I decided I was dying.
I'm healthy it reincarnation...................To my same life and body!
Now that I am healthy I can tell you all about my weekend, after I got over the flu.

I went to work. During a conversation with a co worker I mentioned I needed to take a picture of a person telling a story with the shot for a class. She happens to know someone who eats fire. Wow, not every day you meet some one who just knows a fire eater, but ok. So she said she would find out when he was doing it next and I could go take photos. I thought that would be great! A few hours later she sent me a message on FB. She said he offered to do a private show for me..........uhhhhhhhh........Now call me a sceptic but I'm not into free shows of any kind from strangers. Just saying. So I gratefully declined, and am still searching for the perfect story to capture.

I went to a Halloween party Saturday night. Bri was hosting it. Since she is only 17 clubbing is not something she does. So while the rest of our friends dressed up and headed to the dance floor, we headed to her house. For a good wholesome night of pumpkin carving, games, and scary movies. I make it sound lame, but I did actually have fun.
However Bri invited this girl she works with (well actually the girl invited herself). She was one of those socially awkward girls. The kind that stares just a little too long, and says strange things.
When it came time for the movie, I had high hopes. I love horror movies......blood guts and gore. I enjoy jumping half way out of my seat when the killer jumps out. This movie was kind of a disappointment. Trick or Treat had some interesting stories in it. However there were so many stories all in one movie it got confusing. And it was interesting but not scary......a downer on Halloween. However there was a part about a girl who I at first thought was a virgin. Then thought was a vampire, and turned out to be a werewolf that ripped her skin off very graphically and was replaced with sick wolf fur.

Sunday Bri and I went to the lake to see if we could get a great photo. Turns out people in Western Canada don't just chill out next to a lake in the early November months. Something about minus 20 winds. But I did get a few good ones, so I will share them with you! Enjoy!


P.S. this is your first look at Bri!


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Me Myself and Eye said...

Some cool pictures Cathy....Let me know what you do for your assignment... - and you totally should have taken up the fire-eater on his offer. I could try fire-eating if you like!! Always willing to try new things