Thursday, November 19, 2009

that girl you want to trust

That's me, yup. That girl, you know the one. The one who looks like a lot of fun, and then is.
The one who earns your trust, and then keeps it.
I'm that girl who values people.
That girl who you are just so comfortable with.
The one who knows all your secrets, and you know they will be safe.
I'm that girl you laugh with.
The one who lets you be a pervert, an asshole, a sweaty.
That girl who will go see action movies just because of the look you get on your face, even though I am dyeing to see someone kiss.
I'm the girl who listens to your stories, and the laughs like you are so clever.
The girl who actually thinks you are clever.
I am also the girl who needs a hug when things get hard.
The girls who needs a listening ear.
That girl that loves when you make her laugh.
I'm the one who goes out with the girls, and hopes you go out with the guys.
The one who sings when she is happy, and sighs when she is bored.
I am that girl that you always trust.
But remember I need that kind of a man.


Me Myself and Eye said...

I like this post.... good job Cathy..

and... internet fixed?

Tiffany said...

Me too...know where I can find one?

Oh wait.... = )

Marilee said...

they are out there somewhere --- don't give up.