Monday, September 28, 2009


Last year I posted 86 times. This is my 86th post this year. To celebrate Beating my record from last year I’m going to represent 8 of my Favourite things/people and 6 of my favourite pictures/pictures of Chuck Bass!

Get ready for it........

1. Post Secret.
Ever heard about it? If yes, you'll know why I love it. If no then let me give you the run down. Post Secret was created by Frank Warden, basically he handed out post card with his address on them and asked people to anonymously send in their deepest secrets. Every Sunday he posts the secrets on his blog, also he has compiled a few books. Post secret is amazing, some of them are dirty, and some are funny but most are from a stranger’s heart. 2. Cardigans. In High School I was all about the hoodie. But as my taste refine I fine my self buying a Cardigan in every color. You can't go wrong in a cardigan
3.Peonies. In true Blair Waldorf style my favourite flower is not a rose, or a Gerber daisy, but a Peony. Once when I lived on the other side of the bridge, a knock came at my door. When I opened it there stood an old feeble man. Holding a bunch of bright pink peonies. He looked at me and said, "These are for you my dear." he handed them to me and walked away. Peonies are my favourite flower
4. Pizza. Once apon a time I ate pizza pretty much every day for 6 months. Most poeple would be tired of pizza after that much pizza eating. However I am not. When I got back to the bridge I discovered Two Guys and a Pizza Place. They have the best, and I mean the beat pizza I ever tasted! Unfortunately if you aren't in Canada your going to have to miss out. But it is worth a trip, so next time your in the country check them out!
Shoes. These are super cool shoes. And a part of the proceeds are used to by children who can't afford shoes, shoes. So if you’re looking for so unique kicks and a way to help the world, check them out!
Free weekly song download on Itunes. For those of use who don't steal our music (not that there's anything wrong with that, I would if I could) There is Itunes. And for those of use that don't like to spend all our mooohla on bands that we aren't to sure of; there’s free downloads! Some of my new favourites include: Octoberman, Patrick Watson, and The Wooden Sky. Free my favourite word.
7. Ellen. Do I need to say more? 8. Glee. Not only does the music of this show fill my soul, so does the beauty of the two leading men of this show. Note to Glee veiwers.....You can not get a girl preggers from making out in the hot tube. These are not taken by I have never met Ed Westwick. Sadly. But I do love them so.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Weekend With T and SAB

This is the results of my weekend. These are my kids (well T's kids, but I love them as my own) Mr J learned to ride a bike since I was last there.
Also theres a few of SAB and T.....and of course we can't forget about J.
Thanks for being so great this weekend guys I love you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunny days and class photo shoots

I am ok at taking pictures. Today in one of my classes (the one I had to buy the $500 camera for) we took some. We first learnt about shutter speed. I didn't know you could control shutter speed, I thought you snap and thats it! not so. It can go faster or slower, and depending on the speed it lets you capture different things. Heres a few of my best shots.....I'm still learning so don't judge!

I know not to shabby right?? stay tuned for more Art@Heart photograohy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To much homework has taken my abilities to think of catchy titles.

I must tell you about Pete my broadcast teacher. Mostly because in my head he is one of the most comical people I have met.
Pete is a 40 something news anchor. He sounds like it.....I swear every time he speaks he sounds like he's on the radio. If I close my eyes and relax I can pretend that he is a documentary on CBC, it makes him more interesting to me. Anyways Pete always wears these horrid button up shirts that are just one button to many open. Just open enough to see a bit of his chest hair. I'm thinking of getting him a gold chain. That's all he needs to look like a 40 year single Italian man. That and a super duper accent!
Anyways He has made me teachers pet. I'm sure it's because of my brilliant answers and my charming persona. But really I kind of wish I wasn't. I am on a daily basis the class example, even for things that really don't need an example I am made one. Today: "Lets say I want to know some thing class, I wouldn't just go on goggle...blah blah blah...I would ask Cathy!" Right, ask me the first question on that list, I promise you I have no clue who Mikey Moris is. Plus he thinks he is super smooth, he laughs at his own jokes and has dance moves to top it off!
Maybe to you he doesn't sound as funny as he is to me. But let me tell you, to me he is straight out of Saturday night live skit. Chest hair and all.

Went to the Doctor today again. I have been to the Doctor more times this summer than ever in my life. If my Mom was writing this she would say, "It's because you are so grown up, and responsible adults go to the doctor when they are hurt." I how ever don't buy into that, sorry Mom. Responsible adults avoid the Doctor just as much as I do! I personally broke down and went to the doctor because he has the "good" drugs. That’s why responsible adults go to the Doctor. 
Either way I walked in to the clinic looked at the waiting room and walked out. Well after the receptionist said it was three hour wait. See responsible adults have family Doctors. I'm not that responsible, and even if I was, the Doctor closes his office at 5. I get done class at 5:20. So I am a walk in kind of girl. So needless to say I did not get the good drugs. But I did grill a pharmacist to find out what I could take that didn't require a prescription to kill the pain. She was not helpful.

I am a fan of singing songs at the top of my lungs over the radio so everyone knows that I am in the car. LeahN is a fan of singing made up words to Taylor Swift in the middle of Wal Mart. I didn't notice at first, I thought she was just singing the words to "you belong with me". Unitl the phrase "and your a stupid butt head" was used. Um wait a minute; I don't recall Taylor having lyrics quite so..........stupid? 
I am of fan of walking/driving by a good looking man and saying "Dang!"
LeahN is a fan of driving past the man that I just said was fine, honking her horn and screaming out the window "SHE'S SINGLE!!! AND HOT!!!" 
I am a fan of hard bristled tooth brushes.
LeahN is a fan of then using the word "Hard" to describe al the things her and her man will one day the middle of Wal Mart, next to the man she honked her horn at.
LeahN is a fan of her boy friend.
I am a fan of sitting on the phone while their on the phone saying, "No you hang up....No no you hang up. No I love you more, ok no you hang up first!" while she throws pillows, books and yesterday hard buns at me.
Pay back is so simple with her......

Monday, September 21, 2009


First off, I want to say that I thought I was brilliant at spotting a gay man.

But since acquiring my first GBFF, I have realized that I am not good at it.

Point and case:
-Hot boy who never talks, is in 75% of my classes, finally talked. Turns out my preconceived notions about him being one of "those guys" was wrong. Definitely Gay.
-Strange boy who talks to him self while walking, in two of my classes. Would never have guesses that he was gay. He is.
-Bri has a Starbucks stalker. Not my surprise.

So I am being schooled in the ways of the gays. By the end of this semester I am determined to spot a gay man from a mile away.
Women are a bit easier for me.........for obvious reasons.

B sent an email two days ago. I was so excited, when I saw that he had finally written! when I opened it I was less excited. Don't get me wrong I love B, but he is really smart. I am smart too! My mom said we are both intelligent beings that’s why we get along so well. I think it is more that I except that he is a little.....odd, and acts like a 12 year boy. Either way I looked at the screen and closed the email. It was a thing he wrote, I had to do my mental exercises to get ready to read it. I was not about to read that on a mind was taking the weekend off.

Gossip Girls started again........that was a pause for my "I love Chuck Bass" dance. I had no point with this one, just wanted to let you know that I will be returning to my undying crush on Chuck Bass.

In between classes, Bri BRog and I, have time to burn. Some days we spend it out side complaining while BRog has a smoke break (Bri isn't a huge fan of cigarettes, I am oblivious to it). Some days we spend it in the Endeavor (the College News paper). Some days we spend it in the caf drinking Arizona and chatting.

Today we spent it in the Caf Drinking Arizona, Then at star bucks (aka Heaven) drinking Chai Lattes, then drinking water while doing homework. Of course none of this liquid drinking hit me until half way through a lecture class.
Then I had to make a decision, did I really want to miss the lecture and hobble to the other side of the building to the bathroom? Since my foot hasn’t improved I opted out. Then two minutes later I decided that was a bad decision and made a break for it. Well you know as fast as you can make a break for it on a foot that is swollen up far beyond normal size. Moral of the story, don't drink during college.

Ok that’s it, I'm out of ideas. It's Monday, nothing inspiring happens on Mondays.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love him for his words

I honesty haven't had much to say this week......shocking. Schools good, nothing to exciting with that. You know text books, classes, spending most of my day trying to figure out if the boy I think is cute is gay or not. I'll tell you about that sometime......when I figure it out! But today I have come to this blog to tell you about the man I love am fond of.
I know I bet you didn't know I was in love fond of some one. Well maybe not love fondness........I'm not such a fan of that word. But I def have a HUGE crush on him. Yup that’s right ladies and SAB (the only man that I know who read my blog!), I have a massive crush.
I have a crush on a blogger.
lol. You thought I was serious didn't you? 
About a month ago I clicked onto Peter DeWolf's page Let me just stamp a mature content sticker on this sentence. Peter is rather umm.........blunt. He's a man who likes things that the average man likes (Girls their legs and other girl parts). So if you’re not up for "man" jokes and swear words, I don't suggest you check it out. That’s a lie I do, he's a brilliant writer, and I could read his blog all day long. He also wrote a novella. Which I have not read but am sure is full of cute dialog and humour.
Anyways I have a crush on him. But I like him for his writing. After a month of reading his blog I think it's time to come out. Maybe it's his witty sarcasm; I really like a guy who knows how to use sarcasm (that wasn't sarcasm). Or maybe it's his great relationship advice (great might not be the word). Whatever it is, I'm hooked, and day dreaming waiting for more. 
So if you want to check out my crush! Maybe you'll fall in love strong liking, with him too!

Fan of Friday

This week I could really think of nothing better to be a fan of than..................
.................GOSSIP GIRL season 3!

I know it's a little late and the first episode is out, but I couldn't not give my favorite show a spot on fan of Fridays!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Losing my *%$#

Sorry about the profanity but really......there's no other way to express how I feel! At this moment. But please let me elaborate.
Flash back to 5:00 this afternoon, I am sitting class listening to my radio broadcaster teacher Pete. He wraps up his sentence, I'm half expecting him to say "And I'm Pete Gringas for Global news”. He then tells us about this guy, Troy Reeb, He graduated from my program in 85'. He is now the vice-president of Can West Global. The biggest Media Company in North America. He, once a year, picks one LC student for a ten day internship with him in April.

That was me totally losing my #$%*.
If I got the internship I would spend half the time in Ottawa interning ant the National Post. And the other half in TO with him, shadowing him going to meetings, meeting some of the most influential Media personal in Canada.
Still losing it. 
This could be a HUGE HUGE break. Do you even understand!?!?!
I can try this year, and if I don't get it, I can try next year to.
Just had to let you know that I am totally losing my #$%*!!!!
And have a chance of making my life dreams come true.

Friday, September 11, 2009

hearts stars and blood.

So I finished my first week of school. Well it was really only three days long, but I think it counts as the first week. We have moved on from the course outline stage, and now it's time to get down in dirty.
So here are a few stories and decisions that have happened this week.

1. Did I ever tell you the program I'm in is not called Print Journalism? That's just my major. My program is called Communication arts. Apparently we have a notorious rep for being a bunch of out of control kids. Who go for what they want, while talking above the teacher the whole time. I could see that. The first thing I learned is that the College has deals with three other Universities. One in the Big City, One is up north and One Is on Victoria Island. The deal is, if you graduate from this program then you can go there and get a diploma. You don't have to apply, you can just transfer. I also learned that there is an accelerated diploma program in Victoria! Which means that when I graduate and get my degree, I can go to Victoria, and in one year have a degree and a diploma? 
That was a lot to explain! So guess where I'm headed in two short years??? You got it. Victoria, to get my diploma. I mean why not? I only have to do one more year of school, but I will be twice as hireable....and I get to live on Victoria Island. With an employment rate of 98% the college would get me a good job. But think how high my odds would be if I got a diploma too! So tack on another year of school, but get me on the fast track to fabulous Journalist!
PS my picture up there is a picture of one of the buildings on the campus....they all look like that!

2. on the second day of school GBF (gay best friend--BRog) added another person to our group! So with open arms I welcome Bri to my blog! We are all really great friends. We all clicked so well. I can't even believe it. And even though Bri and BRog will be leaving me in second year for ad PR, at least we have first year! Next week we plan to go to a hypnosis seminar and a gay film festival together (It's just films made by local gay people). I am super excited, Bri and I are going along to approve some cute boys for BRog. And you know obviously not get any for us! 

3. Apperently the second years in our program want to be the coolest second years around. A girl stops us in the hall today.
"Are you guys first years?"
"Yes......." we all replied
"Great! We are having a kegger at my house next weekend, and we want to be the best second years ever!! So you are all totally invited!" then she bounced off down the hall.
I looked a BRog he looked at me we both look at Bri........"Let's never be that happy in our second year guys." I said. They nodded and we carried on with our lives. about energy.

4. Things have gotten increasingly worse with Kam. Hence the blood part of my title today. I don't really feel like giving you a play by play. Mostly because it happened after I had been woken up at one in the morning, so I was still kind of a sleep. But as LeahN recalled to me this morning. She was scared; she didn't know people could be that mad. So I think it was pretty bad. But I remember it going well! lol. Mostly I told Kam to screw off and stop talking about me.....I think there was way more profanity in it though. I talked to the Landlords today; they said they noticed a change in her. They thought she was getting back into things she shouldn't be. I wonder if she knows how apparent she is. They are going to talk to her. But for now its icy looks and silent bad its not silent nights!

5. I got the most beautiful camera today. For my program I needed to get one of those insanely over priced cameras. You know the one I'm talking about? I got a Canon Rebel xs silver. When I told BRog about it he started singing "Rebel yell". So I won't judge you if you are too. lol. It took me a while to figure it out.....but it didn't take me long to fall in love. I took one picture and saw how good it was compared to my other digital camera, and that was it. I am in deep! The nice thing is that my other camera is also a Canon. So I don't have to buy a memory card.....I already had one I could use. I just need a lens filter and a case for it and I will be ready to take some hard hitting pictures!

Fan of.....Friday

Ok I changed my mind. Fridays are not going to just be for fashion. It's going to be all things I love! and today I love this.......

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day ups and downs

I woke up in a very good mood this morning.
Maybe it was the good nights sleep......jokes that is an unknown phrase in my house. 
Maybe a nutritious breakfast?......not likely.
Oh right it was the first day of the rest of my life!
LeahR came over. She put a damper on my first day of school optimism. Kam has been saying things about me behind my back. To "our" friends. That sucked to hear. But it couldn't bring me down.
I walked over to the school and bought most of my books, just before my first class. 
Media Visual Tech. 
I walked Leah to her first class and then headed to mine. But since hers started a half an hour sooner than mine I had a bit of waiting to do. I walked awkwardly to my class and when see the lights off walked back to the other end of the hall. Two students were sitting talking; I sat in a chair next to them. 
The boy turned to me and said "What class are you in?"
A wave of relief swept over me, someone to talk to.
"Media Visual tech." I replied.
"Me too!" he said.
Another relief someone to sit with.
We kept talking and then went to class together and kept talking. We came to learn that we had all the same classes except one! This was great, he is super cool.
While standing in line at the book store with him, I discovered some thing even better.
He's gay!
I have waited my whole life to have a gay friend! This is the best day of my life!
After the book store we went back to my house and talked. We made plans to go to a hypnotism seminar together and a film festival next week.
So not only did I start to put my dreams of being a journalist into motion, I fulfilled a life long dream!
My teachers seemed to be very cool. They all like to be one first name basis. Especially Pete, my Audio Tech teacher. He was very interested to hear that I knew people in the media business. I think I got brownie points on that one! 
Of course now that schools over for the day, I have to deal with Kam. We planned to have a room mates meeting about doing dishes, and keeping your music quiet. So I may have to just add in a little comment about talking behind people's back. Go ahead do it, just be smart! I mean why would you talk about me to people I am friends with? You don't think they would tell me?
I'm telling you I a sick of this stupid drama. It ends tonight! lol
But school was great!

College tutorial

Guess what today is?
I'm sure you know. School time!
Today is the first day, yesterday I went to buy my books. This didn’t happen. I hide by bank card in a drawer of junk, making it impossible to find. Make it impossible to use, making it impossible to not have money!
Anyways, I then waited for the bus to go downtown. And here are a few things I noticed.

1. The boys are especially good looking the first day of school. As freshman's I'm sure they haven't had a chance to lose the first day of school nostalgia. And since grades k-12 you look spiffy the first day it must be that way in college! How ever after you first year, you realize two things.
First no one cares about your new clothes or how you look in college.
And second new clothes are just a tad to costly for a student who will be surviving of ichy-ban noodles for the next 8 months. So orientation day is the day to see hot, well dressed boys. The rest of the time you can forget it!

2. Books are still over priced. Who thought up this whole cost of college thing any ways? 
"Ok so the average cost of a BA will be $40,000. That’s about as much as a good job will make their parents in a year right?"
"Oh but lets not forget these books! They cost $2.00 to make. But since we are already robbing these young kids out of the first few years of their riches, lets make the average text book cost $150.00!"
Yup that makes total sense.

3. Why is there so much security the first week of school, and then they all go away? Normally there are about three security guards at our school. But the first day of school there is 20. Walking around doing literally nothing, since nothing happens in our college to warrant a security guard. Honestly even if something did happen, how is an 80 year man going to beak up a fight between two 20 year old kids?? His cane to the face, an orthopaedic shoe to the nose? Really that's what they are spending my tuition on? I, at least, would like it to go to someone who could protect me if necessary!

Old security guards, unshaven guys, and $150 text books still can't damper my mood. It's going to be great I can feel it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Dinner Numoro Two.

Today was babyFC's blessing. I got called into work and missed it. But I did make it for the family dinner though! Free food, is some thing I am always going to make it for.
Of course I don't feel like family around MammaF and the two youngest sisters. But the rest of the family loves me. Especially PrincessL and her hubby (babyFC's parents). Kristian’s (my missionary friend) family is also very close to the Fpack, so of course his cousin Olie and his wife were there along with his sis Star.
So here we are all jam packed into a small basement suite.....well not all of use, the mom's went for a walk together, and David sat on the stairs and ignored everyone, looking sad and anti social.

A side not e to my story is that David has become tre lame since coming home. Not only is he just not very fun, but he's just not willing to put the effort in. So I have taken to being very nostalgic about our friend ship.

So all of us packed into a basement suite, sitting around eating, laughing, talking about the baby to come. And of course playing with babyFC and her chunky cheeks! Soon it is time for a few to people to leave. The H's all got up to leave together, as we said our good bye's Kris's cousin, Olie, looks at me. I could feel it coming, and he said, "Well I hope to see you soon, who knows maybe you'll be part of the H clan before the years out!"
I mean really!
How many times does a girl have to say it!
I don't love your cousin/brother/son.
And as if his whole family knows about him liking me.........that's just overly awkward. That means every time they see me, they all think about the day we get married. That's just a little too creepy for my tastes. Nothing says romance like your whole family planning the day I fall in love with you.
Please prince charming I have 9 months......could you just sweep me off my dang feet all ready!?
Ok I'm note family dinners bring no good! None.

P.S. this is a legit picture of BabyFC and her Daddy. What a cute bunch! Aren't her cheeks just so chubby!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lame......thats all I have to say.

I can't really express to you how lame Mormon dances are. For some reason people go to them. I go. I am a bit lame at times.
Last night I got a text, "Are you going to the dance tonight?"
That’s the only way I ever know there is a dance, Matea texts me.  Of course, after laying in my bed trying not to throw up all day, a lame dance didn’t sound to bad. So I said yes. And jumped on the band wagon, destination.....lame.
I got there an hour late. There was 12 people in the gym. Really? 12 people? Could we get any more pathetic? Lucky 6 of those people happen to be friends of mine. What does that say about your friends when they make up half of the people at the dance? Lol.
I do have to admit I went for a rather masochistic reason. I was hoping He who must not be named would be there. I just need to know if he is going to be in the bridge again. It's driving me mad, not knowing if I will have to deal with him or not. Mostly because I can't be caught off guard. See if I am off my guard I don’t know how things will play out. If I am aware that I will have to be dealing with him on a daily basis, then I can brace my self.
So I knew if I went to the lame dance he would either:
1. be there
2. not be there.
3.or had died from jerk over load (because Mormons like gossip, that would  be a good one to talk about….I think at least)
the answer was 2…….but I rather wish it was the first or the third.
So my question still goes unanswered. But things look hopeful that he will not be showing his face this semester or the next. That is fine with me....I'm just saying I would like to know. 
I should get some kind of court order, that has someone who lets me know when he will be in visual distance to me, and how long he will be there.
I know this all sounds very lame. Almost as lame as the dance that had 12 people. But I know me. I know what I want to do, and I know what I tend to do.
B this story is for you. Remember when you liked Jocelyn? The cute short girl from the bridge? I ran into her last night. Not that I recognized her, but she recognized me. I was standing by Matea and she said “Hey are you Cathy?”
I looked her not sure why she knew me and replied, “Yes.”
“Oh I took your room in the Mt. Alderson house, remember?”
Suddenly a memory of me extremely angry, swearing and saying really mean things about the girl who moved into my room before I moved out flashed into my head. Luckily she followed up with this comment, “And your Blaine’s cousin too, aren’t you?”
Then another memory of us driving home in your car, talking about how much you liked her came, came to mind. Well that and you thought she was short……and that just wasn’t ok.
So then without even thinking I blurted out, “Right you’re the girl he liked!”
So just let me take this time to apologize. You know I have a big mouth! But I didn’t even think about it…..she was just a memory, until she was standing in front of me with this look on her face.
I promptly followed that statement up with, “As a friend. He liked as a friend. And you know he’s in China and has a girl friend. He really loves her…..his new girlfriend I mean.”
Then a few awkward moments passed and I said, “Um well good talking to you.” And ducked back into the dance……Yeah, sorry B. I love you! But I don’t think it would have worked out with her any ways! lol
So in closing, regardless of he who must not be named and girls that didn’t know my cousin had a crush on them, I went to the dance. I had fun with my friends, and then came home to an empty house. Again. 
Yup I'm ready for a move, to a place where I have room mates. Or at least a place where if I don't have room mates I'm not cleaning up their messes. 
 Today I got home from work, Kam was standing in front of the fridge. Packing it full of her food, while throwing other peoples away. I do admit that I too have thrown a few things of my room mates out.......after they had expired and had been sitting in my fridge for a month rotting. I have two things in the freezer; the rest is packed with Kam's food.
Normally this would anger me. But not this time. This time I just find it amusing. 
Especially after she said, "When I got home I just couldn't stand how dirt our house was! So I did something about it."
I looked around at the house and saw the only thing she had done was throw away food so hers could fit in the fridge. 
I wanted to reply with "FINALLY! Not only is all the crap in the living room/dinning room yours, but you haven't washed a dish in 6 months. It's about time you got tired of me cleaning up your things for you! Next time could you maybe decide this oh I don't know 5 months sooner?"
Instead I chuckled to myself and drank some water.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashionable Fridays

I read this great blog "Clever girl goes blog". Lately she has gone through a bloggin rut. That’s fine, it happens to the best of us. She has sworn to post every week day. But Fridays are a tuffy; most people jam pack their Friday full of shenanigans and fun (unless you’re me.) The work week wears you down and you are ready to party with a capital P, or crash on your couch and watch Grey's. So she started fanged Friday's, her way to post a billion pictures of Edward Cullen/RPatz and not look like a stalker! Lol.
So I'm taking a leaf out of her book, and dedicating my Friday posts to my favourite F word. Fashion.

This week I'm going to tell you about a little duo called "The Blonds". The Blonds are two fabulous men (I know I bet from this pic you are going "oh"). But keep your prejudices to yourself, in my blog all people are accepted, especially when they are fabulous! Man, Women, Gay, or Strait everyone deserves love. And talent deserves note!

Here's a few of their genius works of art.....edgy/metallic sparkles are the words that come to my mind! The first three designs are from their Spring 09 line. The last two are Fall 09. The Blonds were featured in the finale of America's next top model. Where two lucky models stomped it out on The Blonds run way in some of the wildest colored couture out there! If only I had a place to wear one of these! Maybe to an interview, could you imagine, your waiting to interview this girl for the current position open with your business. You see me in the pink metalic dress stopping towards your office. I would make an impression that's for sure. Well  and look completely feirce!
Or I could wear one to work, maybe the tilty skirt and be-jewled corsett top at the bottem. "Hello welcome to Reitmans" smacks into a fixture and knocks it over, "um I'll just clean that up!" trying to bend over to clean anything up in that would be an adventure in it's own! lol.

Have a Fashionable Friday everyone!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chocolate Cake

So much for my healthy life style. I picked a bad week to start my healthy living. I did, however, do a half an hour of yoga this morning. So my activity level is better than last week! Last night I was bored out of my mind, and trying desperately to not scream at my room mate. I did the dishes, cleaned my room, and cooked Shepard’s pie, I then ran out of things to do. I sat down and thought about what I would do next. As I sat I remembered the glorious smell of chocolate cake wafting through my window that afternoon. That did it.......I needed chocolate cake. So I whipped up a cake, thanks to the baking basics that my Mom stocked my cupboards with. When it was done I ate some. I ate some that night and some for breakfast this morning.  Then I went out with Blake and his GF, and ate a handful of McDonald's French fries.  I then came home and ate some cake for a snack, packed some Shepard’s pie for super and went to work. Needless to say I fail the diet part of the new goal. 
Oh well there's always next week. La sigh.

When I first moved to the big city B gave me a book; "The elements of style".  I started reading it about a month after he gave it to me, but felt it was a little dry for my tastes. I picked it up again this morning, for some reason grammar has become worlds more exciting to me. In fact this post is taking me super long to write, because I constantly keep checking the book to see if I am using commas correctly! The worst part is that I am starting to find it fun. Grammar fun? I know what an exciting life I lead; I never saw grammar being one of my hobbies ever. So keep your head held high B, I really love your present. It just took me a rather long time to warm up to it.

Podcasts have become my life these past 3 days. I have downloaded countless podcasts, and love them deeply. This morning I was sitting in the living room talking with Blake and he heard some thing.
"Cathy, what is that noise? Is there some one in your room?"
"Nope. It's a podcast called 'what you missed in history class'"
"That sounds so lame."
I looked at him, and defensively smacked him and said, "It is not! It's educational!"
The moral of the story is I heart podcast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grammar Girl

Last night I needed something to pass the time. I just won a $20 itunes card at work. So I took a look at the itunes store. Man is that the greatest store ever. I can rent movies, buy music, and get free music, whole albums, audio book, games, pod cast, TV shows, and so much more. Not to mention I don't even have to leave my room to get all that!
But since I didn't really want to spend my $20 gift card on all those things (I needed to buy the new Imogen Heap CD) I checked out the free stuff. I got a few songs, and then I discovered the pod cast.

Don't get me wrong I've known about pod cast as long as I can remember. But always thought that it was rather lame. Like I want to listen to a bunch a famous people talk about their lives. Well I was wrong. Do you even understand the cool pod casts you can get for free!!!! I now get free yoga lessons, I can listen to moth radio (a spoken word program in NY) I can watch my favourite college humour duo and their funniest moments, stand up comedy. I can listen to documentaries, and CBC radio broadcast. But the best thing I stumbled upon is Grammar Girl.

Of course the name caught my eye.....Grammar Girl, Gossip Girl. It was oh so close. Assuming that it was a pod cast about grammar, I downloaded it! I need all the help that I can get with my grammar. I have over a hundred pod casts that give me tips about how to be better with my grammar. Tips about grammar, and publishing novels, the benefits of pod casting and how it can get you out there. 
I am hooked. Even though it is no where near as juicy and dramatic as "Gossip Girls", she simply tells you about grammar. There's no huge words that you can't understand, there isn't patterns and reasoning that is to over my head to get. It's just a girl who likes the English language. She says what she knows, she answers listener’s questions. She's good. So now that I am that much smarter I'm all ready to get back to school.

I suggest you go to itunes and check out her pod casts......everyone can use a little help with their grammar. Grammar Girl, Quick and dirty tips for writing better.

PS welcome to my new layout, I dedicate it to my new future! Fitting don't you think?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A not so family like family dinner

Today I made plans to go out with my prego BFF Stephy and her main man.
We met up and I soon found out it was a family dinner. Since I lived with her family for three years, I am included in family affairs. This is the first time I have spent more than ten minutes with them since Christmas.

They are a very small part of my life since I moved out on my own. We catch up when ever I drop in for a few. But it has been something like 8 months since we have had a real conversation.
However I have always been treated very much like a family member. 

Supper was great we chatted; there were a few hostile moments due to the illegitimate child growing in Stephy's womb. But for the most part it was nice.

But I won't lie I didn't feel like a part of the family. More like a family friend. Which doesn't bother me, it's more just different.

Of course, if I had not been able to get so close to my real family the past year, it would have felt like loosing my family. Lucky for me I finally realized that those family members were placed in my life for a reason. I should probably stop trying to replace them.

Either way the family that I once knew is very different, but very much the same.
MommaF still thinks it is important to put up the "I can kill you with one finger" persona when ever she meets someone new. 
PappaF still laughs at suggestive jokes, and talks about the conspiracies of the government.
LittleF is about four years older than I remember, but still acts like she is 8.
Stephy still is the buffer and conversationalist.

I realize that in a few years these people will be less then important in my current life. My family will only increase in importance. I guess that's how it supposes to be. I mean I can't take any of the Fclan with me. But as for the rest of you.......well sorry your stuck with me for eternity!