Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College tutorial

Guess what today is?
I'm sure you know. School time!
Today is the first day, yesterday I went to buy my books. This didn’t happen. I hide by bank card in a drawer of junk, making it impossible to find. Make it impossible to use, making it impossible to not have money!
Anyways, I then waited for the bus to go downtown. And here are a few things I noticed.

1. The boys are especially good looking the first day of school. As freshman's I'm sure they haven't had a chance to lose the first day of school nostalgia. And since grades k-12 you look spiffy the first day it must be that way in college! How ever after you first year, you realize two things.
First no one cares about your new clothes or how you look in college.
And second new clothes are just a tad to costly for a student who will be surviving of ichy-ban noodles for the next 8 months. So orientation day is the day to see hot, well dressed boys. The rest of the time you can forget it!

2. Books are still over priced. Who thought up this whole cost of college thing any ways? 
"Ok so the average cost of a BA will be $40,000. That’s about as much as a good job will make their parents in a year right?"
"Oh but lets not forget these books! They cost $2.00 to make. But since we are already robbing these young kids out of the first few years of their riches, lets make the average text book cost $150.00!"
Yup that makes total sense.

3. Why is there so much security the first week of school, and then they all go away? Normally there are about three security guards at our school. But the first day of school there is 20. Walking around doing literally nothing, since nothing happens in our college to warrant a security guard. Honestly even if something did happen, how is an 80 year man going to beak up a fight between two 20 year old kids?? His cane to the face, an orthopaedic shoe to the nose? Really that's what they are spending my tuition on? I, at least, would like it to go to someone who could protect me if necessary!

Old security guards, unshaven guys, and $150 text books still can't damper my mood. It's going to be great I can feel it!

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Tiffany said...

You should test the security guards. Take one of those hot guys down, smooch him till he's breathless and see if the guard can haul you off the poor hot boy. But if he gears up to thwack you with the cane, back off with your hands up..."It was just a test, only a test!!"