Monday, September 28, 2009


Last year I posted 86 times. This is my 86th post this year. To celebrate Beating my record from last year I’m going to represent 8 of my Favourite things/people and 6 of my favourite pictures/pictures of Chuck Bass!

Get ready for it........

1. Post Secret.
Ever heard about it? If yes, you'll know why I love it. If no then let me give you the run down. Post Secret was created by Frank Warden, basically he handed out post card with his address on them and asked people to anonymously send in their deepest secrets. Every Sunday he posts the secrets on his blog, also he has compiled a few books. Post secret is amazing, some of them are dirty, and some are funny but most are from a stranger’s heart. 2. Cardigans. In High School I was all about the hoodie. But as my taste refine I fine my self buying a Cardigan in every color. You can't go wrong in a cardigan
3.Peonies. In true Blair Waldorf style my favourite flower is not a rose, or a Gerber daisy, but a Peony. Once when I lived on the other side of the bridge, a knock came at my door. When I opened it there stood an old feeble man. Holding a bunch of bright pink peonies. He looked at me and said, "These are for you my dear." he handed them to me and walked away. Peonies are my favourite flower
4. Pizza. Once apon a time I ate pizza pretty much every day for 6 months. Most poeple would be tired of pizza after that much pizza eating. However I am not. When I got back to the bridge I discovered Two Guys and a Pizza Place. They have the best, and I mean the beat pizza I ever tasted! Unfortunately if you aren't in Canada your going to have to miss out. But it is worth a trip, so next time your in the country check them out!
Shoes. These are super cool shoes. And a part of the proceeds are used to by children who can't afford shoes, shoes. So if you’re looking for so unique kicks and a way to help the world, check them out!
Free weekly song download on Itunes. For those of use who don't steal our music (not that there's anything wrong with that, I would if I could) There is Itunes. And for those of use that don't like to spend all our mooohla on bands that we aren't to sure of; there’s free downloads! Some of my new favourites include: Octoberman, Patrick Watson, and The Wooden Sky. Free my favourite word.
7. Ellen. Do I need to say more? 8. Glee. Not only does the music of this show fill my soul, so does the beauty of the two leading men of this show. Note to Glee veiwers.....You can not get a girl preggers from making out in the hot tube. These are not taken by I have never met Ed Westwick. Sadly. But I do love them so.

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