Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A not so family like family dinner

Today I made plans to go out with my prego BFF Stephy and her main man.
We met up and I soon found out it was a family dinner. Since I lived with her family for three years, I am included in family affairs. This is the first time I have spent more than ten minutes with them since Christmas.

They are a very small part of my life since I moved out on my own. We catch up when ever I drop in for a few. But it has been something like 8 months since we have had a real conversation.
However I have always been treated very much like a family member. 

Supper was great we chatted; there were a few hostile moments due to the illegitimate child growing in Stephy's womb. But for the most part it was nice.

But I won't lie I didn't feel like a part of the family. More like a family friend. Which doesn't bother me, it's more just different.

Of course, if I had not been able to get so close to my real family the past year, it would have felt like loosing my family. Lucky for me I finally realized that those family members were placed in my life for a reason. I should probably stop trying to replace them.

Either way the family that I once knew is very different, but very much the same.
MommaF still thinks it is important to put up the "I can kill you with one finger" persona when ever she meets someone new. 
PappaF still laughs at suggestive jokes, and talks about the conspiracies of the government.
LittleF is about four years older than I remember, but still acts like she is 8.
Stephy still is the buffer and conversationalist.

I realize that in a few years these people will be less then important in my current life. My family will only increase in importance. I guess that's how it supposes to be. I mean I can't take any of the Fclan with me. But as for the rest of you.......well sorry your stuck with me for eternity!

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