Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grammar Girl

Last night I needed something to pass the time. I just won a $20 itunes card at work. So I took a look at the itunes store. Man is that the greatest store ever. I can rent movies, buy music, and get free music, whole albums, audio book, games, pod cast, TV shows, and so much more. Not to mention I don't even have to leave my room to get all that!
But since I didn't really want to spend my $20 gift card on all those things (I needed to buy the new Imogen Heap CD) I checked out the free stuff. I got a few songs, and then I discovered the pod cast.

Don't get me wrong I've known about pod cast as long as I can remember. But always thought that it was rather lame. Like I want to listen to a bunch a famous people talk about their lives. Well I was wrong. Do you even understand the cool pod casts you can get for free!!!! I now get free yoga lessons, I can listen to moth radio (a spoken word program in NY) I can watch my favourite college humour duo and their funniest moments, stand up comedy. I can listen to documentaries, and CBC radio broadcast. But the best thing I stumbled upon is Grammar Girl.

Of course the name caught my eye.....Grammar Girl, Gossip Girl. It was oh so close. Assuming that it was a pod cast about grammar, I downloaded it! I need all the help that I can get with my grammar. I have over a hundred pod casts that give me tips about how to be better with my grammar. Tips about grammar, and publishing novels, the benefits of pod casting and how it can get you out there. 
I am hooked. Even though it is no where near as juicy and dramatic as "Gossip Girls", she simply tells you about grammar. There's no huge words that you can't understand, there isn't patterns and reasoning that is to over my head to get. It's just a girl who likes the English language. She says what she knows, she answers listener’s questions. She's good. So now that I am that much smarter I'm all ready to get back to school.

I suggest you go to itunes and check out her pod casts......everyone can use a little help with their grammar. Grammar Girl, Quick and dirty tips for writing better.

PS welcome to my new layout, I dedicate it to my new future! Fitting don't you think?

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