Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lame......thats all I have to say.

I can't really express to you how lame Mormon dances are. For some reason people go to them. I go. I am a bit lame at times.
Last night I got a text, "Are you going to the dance tonight?"
That’s the only way I ever know there is a dance, Matea texts me.  Of course, after laying in my bed trying not to throw up all day, a lame dance didn’t sound to bad. So I said yes. And jumped on the band wagon, destination.....lame.
I got there an hour late. There was 12 people in the gym. Really? 12 people? Could we get any more pathetic? Lucky 6 of those people happen to be friends of mine. What does that say about your friends when they make up half of the people at the dance? Lol.
I do have to admit I went for a rather masochistic reason. I was hoping He who must not be named would be there. I just need to know if he is going to be in the bridge again. It's driving me mad, not knowing if I will have to deal with him or not. Mostly because I can't be caught off guard. See if I am off my guard I don’t know how things will play out. If I am aware that I will have to be dealing with him on a daily basis, then I can brace my self.
So I knew if I went to the lame dance he would either:
1. be there
2. not be there.
3.or had died from jerk over load (because Mormons like gossip, that would  be a good one to talk about….I think at least)
the answer was 2…….but I rather wish it was the first or the third.
So my question still goes unanswered. But things look hopeful that he will not be showing his face this semester or the next. That is fine with me....I'm just saying I would like to know. 
I should get some kind of court order, that has someone who lets me know when he will be in visual distance to me, and how long he will be there.
I know this all sounds very lame. Almost as lame as the dance that had 12 people. But I know me. I know what I want to do, and I know what I tend to do.
B this story is for you. Remember when you liked Jocelyn? The cute short girl from the bridge? I ran into her last night. Not that I recognized her, but she recognized me. I was standing by Matea and she said “Hey are you Cathy?”
I looked her not sure why she knew me and replied, “Yes.”
“Oh I took your room in the Mt. Alderson house, remember?”
Suddenly a memory of me extremely angry, swearing and saying really mean things about the girl who moved into my room before I moved out flashed into my head. Luckily she followed up with this comment, “And your Blaine’s cousin too, aren’t you?”
Then another memory of us driving home in your car, talking about how much you liked her came, came to mind. Well that and you thought she was short……and that just wasn’t ok.
So then without even thinking I blurted out, “Right you’re the girl he liked!”
So just let me take this time to apologize. You know I have a big mouth! But I didn’t even think about it…..she was just a memory, until she was standing in front of me with this look on her face.
I promptly followed that statement up with, “As a friend. He liked as a friend. And you know he’s in China and has a girl friend. He really loves her…..his new girlfriend I mean.”
Then a few awkward moments passed and I said, “Um well good talking to you.” And ducked back into the dance……Yeah, sorry B. I love you! But I don’t think it would have worked out with her any ways! lol
So in closing, regardless of he who must not be named and girls that didn’t know my cousin had a crush on them, I went to the dance. I had fun with my friends, and then came home to an empty house. Again. 
Yup I'm ready for a move, to a place where I have room mates. Or at least a place where if I don't have room mates I'm not cleaning up their messes. 
 Today I got home from work, Kam was standing in front of the fridge. Packing it full of her food, while throwing other peoples away. I do admit that I too have thrown a few things of my room mates out.......after they had expired and had been sitting in my fridge for a month rotting. I have two things in the freezer; the rest is packed with Kam's food.
Normally this would anger me. But not this time. This time I just find it amusing. 
Especially after she said, "When I got home I just couldn't stand how dirt our house was! So I did something about it."
I looked around at the house and saw the only thing she had done was throw away food so hers could fit in the fridge. 
I wanted to reply with "FINALLY! Not only is all the crap in the living room/dinning room yours, but you haven't washed a dish in 6 months. It's about time you got tired of me cleaning up your things for you! Next time could you maybe decide this oh I don't know 5 months sooner?"
Instead I chuckled to myself and drank some water.

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