Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To much homework has taken my abilities to think of catchy titles.

I must tell you about Pete my broadcast teacher. Mostly because in my head he is one of the most comical people I have met.
Pete is a 40 something news anchor. He sounds like it.....I swear every time he speaks he sounds like he's on the radio. If I close my eyes and relax I can pretend that he is a documentary on CBC, it makes him more interesting to me. Anyways Pete always wears these horrid button up shirts that are just one button to many open. Just open enough to see a bit of his chest hair. I'm thinking of getting him a gold chain. That's all he needs to look like a 40 year single Italian man. That and a super duper accent!
Anyways He has made me teachers pet. I'm sure it's because of my brilliant answers and my charming persona. But really I kind of wish I wasn't. I am on a daily basis the class example, even for things that really don't need an example I am made one. Today: "Lets say I want to know some thing class, I wouldn't just go on goggle...blah blah blah...I would ask Cathy!" Right, ask me the first question on that list, I promise you I have no clue who Mikey Moris is. Plus he thinks he is super smooth, he laughs at his own jokes and has dance moves to top it off!
Maybe to you he doesn't sound as funny as he is to me. But let me tell you, to me he is straight out of Saturday night live skit. Chest hair and all.

Went to the Doctor today again. I have been to the Doctor more times this summer than ever in my life. If my Mom was writing this she would say, "It's because you are so grown up, and responsible adults go to the doctor when they are hurt." I how ever don't buy into that, sorry Mom. Responsible adults avoid the Doctor just as much as I do! I personally broke down and went to the doctor because he has the "good" drugs. That’s why responsible adults go to the Doctor. 
Either way I walked in to the clinic looked at the waiting room and walked out. Well after the receptionist said it was three hour wait. See responsible adults have family Doctors. I'm not that responsible, and even if I was, the Doctor closes his office at 5. I get done class at 5:20. So I am a walk in kind of girl. So needless to say I did not get the good drugs. But I did grill a pharmacist to find out what I could take that didn't require a prescription to kill the pain. She was not helpful.

I am a fan of singing songs at the top of my lungs over the radio so everyone knows that I am in the car. LeahN is a fan of singing made up words to Taylor Swift in the middle of Wal Mart. I didn't notice at first, I thought she was just singing the words to "you belong with me". Unitl the phrase "and your a stupid butt head" was used. Um wait a minute; I don't recall Taylor having lyrics quite so..........stupid? 
I am of fan of walking/driving by a good looking man and saying "Dang!"
LeahN is a fan of driving past the man that I just said was fine, honking her horn and screaming out the window "SHE'S SINGLE!!! AND HOT!!!" 
I am a fan of hard bristled tooth brushes.
LeahN is a fan of then using the word "Hard" to describe al the things her and her man will one day do....in the middle of Wal Mart, next to the man she honked her horn at.
LeahN is a fan of her boy friend.
I am a fan of sitting on the phone while their on the phone saying, "No you hang up....No no you hang up. No I love you more, ok no you hang up first!" while she throws pillows, books and yesterday hard buns at me.
Pay back is so simple with her......

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