Friday, September 18, 2009

I love him for his words

I honesty haven't had much to say this week......shocking. Schools good, nothing to exciting with that. You know text books, classes, spending most of my day trying to figure out if the boy I think is cute is gay or not. I'll tell you about that sometime......when I figure it out! But today I have come to this blog to tell you about the man I love am fond of.
I know I bet you didn't know I was in love fond of some one. Well maybe not love fondness........I'm not such a fan of that word. But I def have a HUGE crush on him. Yup that’s right ladies and SAB (the only man that I know who read my blog!), I have a massive crush.
I have a crush on a blogger.
lol. You thought I was serious didn't you? 
About a month ago I clicked onto Peter DeWolf's page Let me just stamp a mature content sticker on this sentence. Peter is rather umm.........blunt. He's a man who likes things that the average man likes (Girls their legs and other girl parts). So if you’re not up for "man" jokes and swear words, I don't suggest you check it out. That’s a lie I do, he's a brilliant writer, and I could read his blog all day long. He also wrote a novella. Which I have not read but am sure is full of cute dialog and humour.
Anyways I have a crush on him. But I like him for his writing. After a month of reading his blog I think it's time to come out. Maybe it's his witty sarcasm; I really like a guy who knows how to use sarcasm (that wasn't sarcasm). Or maybe it's his great relationship advice (great might not be the word). Whatever it is, I'm hooked, and day dreaming waiting for more. 
So if you want to check out my crush! Maybe you'll fall in love strong liking, with him too!


Tiffany said...

Does it strike you as odd, that your new blog crush looks like Scott Shipley?

Doniree said...

You have to, have to, HAVE TO read his novella. Like right now. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Procrastination today led me to checking my blog states. Saw some hits from your site.

Thanks SO much for the kind words.

Art @ Heart said...

Does it strike you odd that you are scoping out my blog crush? lol. go to your mans blog and tell him to post already! lol

Thanks Doniree I plan on soon as I can get my head out of a text book, and into something more entertaining.

Peter anytime! Keep writting effing good post, and I will keep read. Deal?