Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Dinner Numoro Two.

Today was babyFC's blessing. I got called into work and missed it. But I did make it for the family dinner though! Free food, is some thing I am always going to make it for.
Of course I don't feel like family around MammaF and the two youngest sisters. But the rest of the family loves me. Especially PrincessL and her hubby (babyFC's parents). Kristian’s (my missionary friend) family is also very close to the Fpack, so of course his cousin Olie and his wife were there along with his sis Star.
So here we are all jam packed into a small basement suite.....well not all of use, the mom's went for a walk together, and David sat on the stairs and ignored everyone, looking sad and anti social.

A side not e to my story is that David has become tre lame since coming home. Not only is he just not very fun, but he's just not willing to put the effort in. So I have taken to being very nostalgic about our friend ship.

So all of us packed into a basement suite, sitting around eating, laughing, talking about the baby to come. And of course playing with babyFC and her chunky cheeks! Soon it is time for a few to people to leave. The H's all got up to leave together, as we said our good bye's Kris's cousin, Olie, looks at me. I could feel it coming, and he said, "Well I hope to see you soon, who knows maybe you'll be part of the H clan before the years out!"
I mean really!
How many times does a girl have to say it!
I don't love your cousin/brother/son.
And as if his whole family knows about him liking me.........that's just overly awkward. That means every time they see me, they all think about the day we get married. That's just a little too creepy for my tastes. Nothing says romance like your whole family planning the day I fall in love with you.
Please prince charming I have 9 months......could you just sweep me off my dang feet all ready!?
Ok I'm note family dinners bring no good! None.

P.S. this is a legit picture of BabyFC and her Daddy. What a cute bunch! Aren't her cheeks just so chubby!

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