Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashionable Fridays

I read this great blog "Clever girl goes blog". Lately she has gone through a bloggin rut. That’s fine, it happens to the best of us. She has sworn to post every week day. But Fridays are a tuffy; most people jam pack their Friday full of shenanigans and fun (unless you’re me.) The work week wears you down and you are ready to party with a capital P, or crash on your couch and watch Grey's. So she started fanged Friday's, her way to post a billion pictures of Edward Cullen/RPatz and not look like a stalker! Lol.
So I'm taking a leaf out of her book, and dedicating my Friday posts to my favourite F word. Fashion.

This week I'm going to tell you about a little duo called "The Blonds". The Blonds are two fabulous men (I know I bet from this pic you are going "oh"). But keep your prejudices to yourself, in my blog all people are accepted, especially when they are fabulous! Man, Women, Gay, or Strait everyone deserves love. And talent deserves note!

Here's a few of their genius works of art.....edgy/metallic sparkles are the words that come to my mind! The first three designs are from their Spring 09 line. The last two are Fall 09. The Blonds were featured in the finale of America's next top model. Where two lucky models stomped it out on The Blonds run way in some of the wildest colored couture out there! If only I had a place to wear one of these! Maybe to an interview, could you imagine, your waiting to interview this girl for the current position open with your business. You see me in the pink metalic dress stopping towards your office. I would make an impression that's for sure. Well  and look completely feirce!
Or I could wear one to work, maybe the tilty skirt and be-jewled corsett top at the bottem. "Hello welcome to Reitmans" smacks into a fixture and knocks it over, "um I'll just clean that up!" trying to bend over to clean anything up in that would be an adventure in it's own! lol.

Have a Fashionable Friday everyone!

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