Friday, September 11, 2009

hearts stars and blood.

So I finished my first week of school. Well it was really only three days long, but I think it counts as the first week. We have moved on from the course outline stage, and now it's time to get down in dirty.
So here are a few stories and decisions that have happened this week.

1. Did I ever tell you the program I'm in is not called Print Journalism? That's just my major. My program is called Communication arts. Apparently we have a notorious rep for being a bunch of out of control kids. Who go for what they want, while talking above the teacher the whole time. I could see that. The first thing I learned is that the College has deals with three other Universities. One in the Big City, One is up north and One Is on Victoria Island. The deal is, if you graduate from this program then you can go there and get a diploma. You don't have to apply, you can just transfer. I also learned that there is an accelerated diploma program in Victoria! Which means that when I graduate and get my degree, I can go to Victoria, and in one year have a degree and a diploma? 
That was a lot to explain! So guess where I'm headed in two short years??? You got it. Victoria, to get my diploma. I mean why not? I only have to do one more year of school, but I will be twice as hireable....and I get to live on Victoria Island. With an employment rate of 98% the college would get me a good job. But think how high my odds would be if I got a diploma too! So tack on another year of school, but get me on the fast track to fabulous Journalist!
PS my picture up there is a picture of one of the buildings on the campus....they all look like that!

2. on the second day of school GBF (gay best friend--BRog) added another person to our group! So with open arms I welcome Bri to my blog! We are all really great friends. We all clicked so well. I can't even believe it. And even though Bri and BRog will be leaving me in second year for ad PR, at least we have first year! Next week we plan to go to a hypnosis seminar and a gay film festival together (It's just films made by local gay people). I am super excited, Bri and I are going along to approve some cute boys for BRog. And you know obviously not get any for us! 

3. Apperently the second years in our program want to be the coolest second years around. A girl stops us in the hall today.
"Are you guys first years?"
"Yes......." we all replied
"Great! We are having a kegger at my house next weekend, and we want to be the best second years ever!! So you are all totally invited!" then she bounced off down the hall.
I looked a BRog he looked at me we both look at Bri........"Let's never be that happy in our second year guys." I said. They nodded and we carried on with our lives. about energy.

4. Things have gotten increasingly worse with Kam. Hence the blood part of my title today. I don't really feel like giving you a play by play. Mostly because it happened after I had been woken up at one in the morning, so I was still kind of a sleep. But as LeahN recalled to me this morning. She was scared; she didn't know people could be that mad. So I think it was pretty bad. But I remember it going well! lol. Mostly I told Kam to screw off and stop talking about me.....I think there was way more profanity in it though. I talked to the Landlords today; they said they noticed a change in her. They thought she was getting back into things she shouldn't be. I wonder if she knows how apparent she is. They are going to talk to her. But for now its icy looks and silent bad its not silent nights!

5. I got the most beautiful camera today. For my program I needed to get one of those insanely over priced cameras. You know the one I'm talking about? I got a Canon Rebel xs silver. When I told BRog about it he started singing "Rebel yell". So I won't judge you if you are too. lol. It took me a while to figure it out.....but it didn't take me long to fall in love. I took one picture and saw how good it was compared to my other digital camera, and that was it. I am in deep! The nice thing is that my other camera is also a Canon. So I don't have to buy a memory card.....I already had one I could use. I just need a lens filter and a case for it and I will be ready to take some hard hitting pictures!

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