Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chocolate Cake

So much for my healthy life style. I picked a bad week to start my healthy living. I did, however, do a half an hour of yoga this morning. So my activity level is better than last week! Last night I was bored out of my mind, and trying desperately to not scream at my room mate. I did the dishes, cleaned my room, and cooked Shepard’s pie, I then ran out of things to do. I sat down and thought about what I would do next. As I sat I remembered the glorious smell of chocolate cake wafting through my window that afternoon. That did it.......I needed chocolate cake. So I whipped up a cake, thanks to the baking basics that my Mom stocked my cupboards with. When it was done I ate some. I ate some that night and some for breakfast this morning.  Then I went out with Blake and his GF, and ate a handful of McDonald's French fries.  I then came home and ate some cake for a snack, packed some Shepard’s pie for super and went to work. Needless to say I fail the diet part of the new goal. 
Oh well there's always next week. La sigh.

When I first moved to the big city B gave me a book; "The elements of style".  I started reading it about a month after he gave it to me, but felt it was a little dry for my tastes. I picked it up again this morning, for some reason grammar has become worlds more exciting to me. In fact this post is taking me super long to write, because I constantly keep checking the book to see if I am using commas correctly! The worst part is that I am starting to find it fun. Grammar fun? I know what an exciting life I lead; I never saw grammar being one of my hobbies ever. So keep your head held high B, I really love your present. It just took me a rather long time to warm up to it.

Podcasts have become my life these past 3 days. I have downloaded countless podcasts, and love them deeply. This morning I was sitting in the living room talking with Blake and he heard some thing.
"Cathy, what is that noise? Is there some one in your room?"
"Nope. It's a podcast called 'what you missed in history class'"
"That sounds so lame."
I looked at him, and defensively smacked him and said, "It is not! It's educational!"
The moral of the story is I heart podcast.

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Marilee said...

My, how it warms my heart to see some beautiful new blossoms on your rosebush of life - I saw the 'clean room' blossom this summer when I visited the last time, I fertilized your cupboards of your kitchen with ingredients and "voila", the 'good cook' blossom springs to life...and now the ever-so-rare 'good grammar & punctuation' blossom has peeked it's wonderful head from the depths. Though this is tongue-in-cheek - you are blossoming daily and I couldn't be more proud of YOU and your new discoveries and accomplishments. Here's to many more in the coming months.
I love you,