Monday, September 21, 2009


First off, I want to say that I thought I was brilliant at spotting a gay man.

But since acquiring my first GBFF, I have realized that I am not good at it.

Point and case:
-Hot boy who never talks, is in 75% of my classes, finally talked. Turns out my preconceived notions about him being one of "those guys" was wrong. Definitely Gay.
-Strange boy who talks to him self while walking, in two of my classes. Would never have guesses that he was gay. He is.
-Bri has a Starbucks stalker. Not my surprise.

So I am being schooled in the ways of the gays. By the end of this semester I am determined to spot a gay man from a mile away.
Women are a bit easier for me.........for obvious reasons.

B sent an email two days ago. I was so excited, when I saw that he had finally written! when I opened it I was less excited. Don't get me wrong I love B, but he is really smart. I am smart too! My mom said we are both intelligent beings that’s why we get along so well. I think it is more that I except that he is a little.....odd, and acts like a 12 year boy. Either way I looked at the screen and closed the email. It was a thing he wrote, I had to do my mental exercises to get ready to read it. I was not about to read that on a mind was taking the weekend off.

Gossip Girls started again........that was a pause for my "I love Chuck Bass" dance. I had no point with this one, just wanted to let you know that I will be returning to my undying crush on Chuck Bass.

In between classes, Bri BRog and I, have time to burn. Some days we spend it out side complaining while BRog has a smoke break (Bri isn't a huge fan of cigarettes, I am oblivious to it). Some days we spend it in the Endeavor (the College News paper). Some days we spend it in the caf drinking Arizona and chatting.

Today we spent it in the Caf Drinking Arizona, Then at star bucks (aka Heaven) drinking Chai Lattes, then drinking water while doing homework. Of course none of this liquid drinking hit me until half way through a lecture class.
Then I had to make a decision, did I really want to miss the lecture and hobble to the other side of the building to the bathroom? Since my foot hasn’t improved I opted out. Then two minutes later I decided that was a bad decision and made a break for it. Well you know as fast as you can make a break for it on a foot that is swollen up far beyond normal size. Moral of the story, don't drink during college.

Ok that’s it, I'm out of ideas. It's Monday, nothing inspiring happens on Mondays.

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