Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day ups and downs

I woke up in a very good mood this morning.
Maybe it was the good nights sleep......jokes that is an unknown phrase in my house. 
Maybe a nutritious breakfast?......not likely.
Oh right it was the first day of the rest of my life!
LeahR came over. She put a damper on my first day of school optimism. Kam has been saying things about me behind my back. To "our" friends. That sucked to hear. But it couldn't bring me down.
I walked over to the school and bought most of my books, just before my first class. 
Media Visual Tech. 
I walked Leah to her first class and then headed to mine. But since hers started a half an hour sooner than mine I had a bit of waiting to do. I walked awkwardly to my class and when see the lights off walked back to the other end of the hall. Two students were sitting talking; I sat in a chair next to them. 
The boy turned to me and said "What class are you in?"
A wave of relief swept over me, someone to talk to.
"Media Visual tech." I replied.
"Me too!" he said.
Another relief someone to sit with.
We kept talking and then went to class together and kept talking. We came to learn that we had all the same classes except one! This was great, he is super cool.
While standing in line at the book store with him, I discovered some thing even better.
He's gay!
I have waited my whole life to have a gay friend! This is the best day of my life!
After the book store we went back to my house and talked. We made plans to go to a hypnotism seminar together and a film festival next week.
So not only did I start to put my dreams of being a journalist into motion, I fulfilled a life long dream!
My teachers seemed to be very cool. They all like to be one first name basis. Especially Pete, my Audio Tech teacher. He was very interested to hear that I knew people in the media business. I think I got brownie points on that one! 
Of course now that schools over for the day, I have to deal with Kam. We planned to have a room mates meeting about doing dishes, and keeping your music quiet. So I may have to just add in a little comment about talking behind people's back. Go ahead do it, just be smart! I mean why would you talk about me to people I am friends with? You don't think they would tell me?
I'm telling you I a sick of this stupid drama. It ends tonight! lol
But school was great!


Manda said...

I am glad to hear that school is going great, Sorry bout the other stuff adults suck eh? So what is your schedule like?? We would like to have ou over for dinner one night even though our house is in shambles. Give me a call I want to hear all about your class and your new friend.

Me Myself and Eye said...

So how did the little 'room mate' beefs and bouquet's meeting go?