Saturday, August 29, 2009

The excitment builds!

So I'm pretty excited about the big day.
You know the one? The one where I learn how to be a Fab journalist? Yeah that one! As you can see to your right I have a count down clock. I'm that stoked.
This post was going to be list of influential journalist of our time. However I don't really know any. So I typed into goggle. That’s how I gain most of my knowledge! But it was no help. I got a bunch of "New York" magazine articles on journalist.....none of which were descriptive or specific about whom they were talking about.
 So for now my list sits at one. Carrie Bradshaw. And she’s not even a REAL person. But is one of the reasons I thought I should be a journalist. So I could write things and people would listen and read them. And then I could buy manolo heels. And live in a fabulous apartment in NY. Looks like I'm going to need to pick a more substantial role motel in the journalism world.

How ever I did manage to find a whole web site, devoted to the pop art images of journalists in the 21st century. There were two pictures on it.......really? What was even the point of making a WHOLE web site for that?

I forgot superman was a journalist by day......hummm there’s another to add to my list!
So 10 days, I got the glasses, I got the clothes, and I got the passion. So here's hoping I got the talent (but we all know I do!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The NEW and improved Goal

Remember when I swore to lose one pant size......about half a year ago.
I lost a whole 20 pounds; it was a great goal until I moved back to the bridge.
Then my running stopped, my diet went south, and my will power went out the window. And my waist line went up and over the 20 pounds that I had been oh so proud to lose.

Time for a NEW GOAL!

Bought a new coat...........fabulous white coat with gold buttons. I fell in love so even though it’s a bit snug, I got it.  Like my Mother always told me, “If you love something, you need to buy it. Or you will regret it.” Thanks for the advice Mom!

Goal starts Monday. 3 work outs (not less than a 1/2 hour) a week. Say good by to pizza (Which is kind of like giving up my only food source), and no ice cream (la sigh), cookies (better eat those Oreos fast!), chips (that I got covered) and all the other things that have sustained me for the past 4 months (i.e. sugar). And if you’re thinking of putting butter on that, you can forget about it! (Luckily I’m not a huge butter fan…… usually).

The finish line is to fit my new coat by the first snow fall. And since I live in an unpredictable climate that could be as little as one month. 

Wish me luck! I will look fierce in that coat!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Despite how it seems in my various blog posts, I actually really hate drama. If it is my drama I will except it, and deal with it. If it is your drama, I will lend a shoulder to cry on. But eventually you can get to stepping with that drama. 
My house has been a constant chamber of girl drama for, well about 2 months now. Let me tell you, there’s no kinda drama like girl drama. I honestly would rather take a punch to the face and be done with it all, then have to deal with months of talking behind each others backs.

It all started when my room mates got boyfriends. Of course! Always messing up my peaceful funk. First it was the age old tail of best friend gets ditched for boy friend. With Eron and LeahN. Since I am an excellent listener, and always give the right advice, LeahN came to me to talk it out. OK we can talk it out........I'm done talking it out it's been two months. But lucky for me leahN took a Vacay, and hasn't been home for about 3 weeks now. 

Just when I thought I was recovering from all the drama. Kam and her man broke up.
Great.......bring on the melodramatic tears, and self discovery. I know that sounds harsh. If you only understood how EXTREMELY ego-centric my room mate is. 
I will be lying on my bed in tears as I talk to my Mom about my Father's death, and then all of a sudden I am hearing about how annoying her boy friend is. Really? I'm just asking for like 10 minutes to recover or something!

Anyways........she one of those girls. You know the ones that break up with their boyfriends, but don't want to be alone. So don't really break up with their boyfriends. On Sunday night, her and her BFF (also one of my close friends LeahR) had a big blow out. I was there, in the middle. Of course I have all the same feelings as LeahR. So when it came to being in the middle, I was more on her side. After having my knowledge of break-ups slandered and my knowledge of her totally shot down, I was just kind of out. 
I didn't ask to be a part of this. I have taken ever step necessary to stay out of it. Even when I was hurt that my room mate and friend had ditched me yet again for her man. I kept quite and let her live her life, have her relationship. But it seems that when it comes down to it, I end up part of it anyways.

So needless to say the tension has been high, the girl emotions have tainted Kam's thinking. And I am sick and tired of GIRLS! Thank goodness school starts in a little more than a week. Then I can burry my nose in my studies and forget everyone else’s problems......or just get some more of my own!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie night

It is yet again cheap night at the movie mill. I only ever see movies at the cheap me cheap! Or call me brilliant! lol. Tonight was Julie and Julia. A cute movie, which has inspired me to purchase a copy of Julia Childs "Master the art of French cooking".
Despite popular ideas, I can cook. Living with T helped......but I could always cook. I'm just a bit more confident doing it. I am not entirely sure when I will ever have to "bone" a duck. What occasion calls for boneless duck???? A quiet supper at home? Or maybe a birthday? A nice box of cake and a stuffed boneless duck, sound appealing to any of my fan base?  Maybe that is how I will win a man......taking bones out of a duck! 

This movie also inspired me! Julie is an average girl who loves to write, but never really got any breaks. So she is stuck at a more than depressing job, answering phones for a 9-11 rebuild project.  Then her fabulous husband (who isn't half bad looking either!) convinces her to do what she loves and cook 500 and something recepies in one year. She writes a blog along with it. 

I love to write; whither I'm good at it or not, is debatable. My grammar isn't good, and sometimes what I write doesn't sound right once it's on the screen. But I love it. It brings me alive, and lets me be who I REALLY am. 
In the end Julies blog is fabulous.....she has editors knocking on her door wanting her to write a book. She finds herself and proves she can finish something all in one two hour movie. 
So maybe my blog will never make it past the computer screens of my family, and one reader who I stumbled upon while re-reading some old post. Shout out to the only blogger I don't know who has commented on my blog, jlamm! But one day my book will be on someone’s shelf. If it’s only T's that will be good enough for me! As long as it can go before the Twilight series! Lol

Julie and Julia thumbs up! For showing me that with a little effort all dreams come true!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer time in the bridge

So my last post got a lot of comments. Man am I popular! B asked "what have you been up to this summer?" and so because you asked I will tell you! If you had asked what laundry soap I use I would have told you all about Gain--Apple tango Mango. Which I first used a T's and now want to bath in! anyways the summer.

This has been one of the most trying years of my life. This summer wasn't any exseption. But even though I went through some very low times this summer, it hasn't all been bad.

The first month was a good month. I got excepted in to the Journalism program at the local college. That was a dream come true. I have spent two years trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life. When I figured it out, I had to prove I was right for the job. I wrote an essay explaining my passion for writing and current events. It was good enough, I was good enough, to get in. That was a HUGE ego boost.

Things started to go down hill after that.

I was working at Sobeys. I have always been a person who has to enjoy their work place. It highly effects how I deal with things. I have always hated that job, and it was no different this time. that knocked me down a notch or two.

Then I made the decision to go to a family ward for the summer. After making this decision, I made some friends. But was already roped into a calling in family ward, teaching primary. When I decided not to ditch my calling, it was really hard to leave those friends. I was blessed with some of the most difficult children in the primary. Every week going to church became a trail, instead of blessing. Which put a HUGE strain on my testimony.

So to recap---Hate my Job, Not much of a testimony.

Then I lost the only friend I had made in the bridge to her new Boyfriend. That was hard. I had pretty much cut my old friends out of life. Laura had moved to Ontario, and every body else had their own lives. I was very alone. The only people I new I had was T and SAB. They were two hours away. That was to far. I felt really alone.

All this time I had been talking to people about my Dad. I got a hold of an old friend of his. I asked him to tell me everything he could about my Dad. I talked to my Mom. I talked to HF. I was ready to heal. I wanted to be able to love him. I needed to to know who he was, to do that.

Then I got hurt. I was highly drugged for the first week. I was in so much pain. I couldn't really walk, I had to just lay there with my huge massive swollen foot in the air. With a nice Oxycontin buzz, the only drug that would even put a dent in the pain I felt. I had to take 3 weeks off work, it wasn't really a good time at all. That injury pretty much broke then bank. I didn't have a dime to my name, and was getting really tired of asking for help.

Then came the trip to Saskatchewan that changed my life. I posted about that already. So if you don't know then go back a bit and read my entry about it.

I got home, and even though I had forgiven him. And even pieced together enough of his life to know him, and love him. I was plunged in to a really bad depression.
Once I got rid of the hate for him, I had to deal with loosing him. That might have been harder than hating him forever. I spent a month after I got back sad. Crying, withdrawing myself from my friends. I never thought it would be so hard to deal with losing him. But it was.

All this time my Mom had been here, but for some reason I found it nearly impossible to open up to her. I haven't been able to share emotions the same since letting go of he who must not be named. So when I tried to tell her about how I was really feeling, I couldn't. I just couldn't, I physically couldn't get the words out of my mouth.

So I was alone, in a job I hate, hurt, dealing with losing my father, not a good place with my testimony, and not able to express my emotions.

I really did nothing this summer, but sit in my house and be extremely sad.
I know what a depressing summer right?

But it wasn't all bad.
T forced me to have a little fun. I spent a night with her kids. That was the best day of my whole summer. To see those kids for just a few hours. She took me on the lake, I tubed, and SAB let me drive the boat. I went to one really good YSA dance. I spent a few good nights watching Gilmore Girls with my Mom. I finally can say I love my Dad. I finished a painting. I read a few books. Spent some time with JMaCrea. I had great land lord to give me food when I had none, and ask me to watch their kids so I could make a few buck.

It wasn't until I got my new job at Reitmans that my life felt a little less horrible. So even though I still have most of the same problems as I did two weeks ago, at least I have a good job.

Now I'm sure you might ask, "Well if your life has been so hard since you got to the bridge, then why do you stay there?".
My answer to that, is that these problems have nothing to do with being in the bridge. They have to do with me. I was told I need to come back to the bridge. And even after all of this I still believe it was the right decision.
Life is about growth. That's what I have been doing. Your life can't be happy all the time. Some times you have to feel alone, some times you loose someone you love, some times you have to work a crappy job, that's life.
As long as you have a plan to make things better, they will get better.

Once I'm back in school, I won't have time to be alone. I have 10 classes! I go back to singles ward in a week, then I can put the time into my testimony, not my primary lessons. I'm getting better at opening up again. I try really hard. That's all I can do on that one try.
As for my Father, it might take months or even years, until that pain goes away. I know that, I will let myself take it's time to heal. I'm not in a rush, there's no shame in being sad after loosing your Father. There's only shame if you let the sadness stop you from living.

Wow. I know Drama. lol
So that was my summer. It was hard, but I am grateful for it. The hard things in my life have shaped me into an amazing person. This will do the same. Things always get better after they get bad.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some things change.....most don't

Here's a few things that will never change about me!

1. My un dying love for anything with cheetah or zebra print.

2. For about 3 years my diet has been 75% sugar......Even when I can afford to eat other things, I still would rather snack on a bag of chocolate chips than pick up a pot and cook. I think when I figured out I could eat candy for breakfast, I really wanted to make up for the rest of my life that I couldn't!

3. I still think I'm an expert on every thing. Even if I have not even the remotest idea what I am talking about, I can make it sound like I studied it all my life.

4. I still try to be comfortable at all times. I don't own a single thing that is annoying to wear. That's a lie. I have a few, but I don't wear them. Any day of the week I would like to be chillin in my yoga pants and bad that's not all that fashionable.

5. I watch to much MTV. I am 20 years old.......and yet love a good, piece of Brain numbing, entirely un-educational TV entertaining. It might be the colors or maybe the catchy music they put in the shows, what ever it is I am hooked for life!

6. I like Brittany Spears......melt down and all......I got her first album on a tape for my 10th birthday. I lied about my love for her for most of my teen aged years. But I'm old now. My life is to short to lie to you. I LOVE Brittany Spears and her trashy outfits, hair and life style. Every time she puts a new song out I listen to it until I have it memorized. AND I have seen her low budget movie "cross roads" to many time for my own good. There you have it.

7. In every situation there is two things that run through my head, The thing I usually say. And an extremely witty mean thing I would rather say. I am known for my kind heart and loving personality. If only you could hear the things that run through my head when I'm upset. I have 2 people in me I'd like to think the one that I barely show, rivals Blair Waldorf any day of the week. I guess all your parenting payed off Mom!

8. Most of the time I listen to alternative, rock, punk and even metal. But sometimes I just want to listen to some serious gangster rap. In fact in my early High school days, I was all about the lil John, snoopy dogg, 5o cent, eminem stuff. Then I got too cool for that......or maybe a little less angry. Either way sometimes I gotta throw back to my High school roots. That's why when listening to my Ipod there will be a stream of great mellow music and then need to change the song. Jack Johnson to Classified in 3.5 seconds. lol.

9.I really like stickers. Every child loves stickers right? well I don't think I grew out of that one. The I put them on a lot of stuff......but tend to get tired of them quick so I rip them off and throw them on the floor. In true 4 year old style. But I also have an uncontrolable impulse to pull the sticker off of any object. Ketchup, shampoo, lotion, hair spray, don't leave your sticker'd bleonings with me to long......they might end up coming back to you with one less sticker.

10. I don't think I have ever made my bed for a week strait. Maybe once in a while.....defiantly when I know AuntJ and UncleJ are coming. Or if I spend then night at their house. Really only if they are with in 50 km of where I sleep. Their presence strikes a fear in me, that no one else can. Even when my house is clean, I still know it's not clean enough. Hence the bed making. But I like it messy. its adds......personality. Or comfort. Either way I don't make my bed and don't see it happening......ever. lol

Monday, August 17, 2009

Love sick

Usually a post that starts out with that kind of title would make you think, oh no who's the boy?
But really this isn't about me.

Today Kam got home from visiting her family. Her boyfriend (a guy I have know for a very long time) went to spend the last 4 days of her vacation with her.
As she sat on my bed she told me about how much he drove her crazy, and how she had been seriously praying whether he was for her.
And as we talked she realized she had got her answer. A big fat NO.
But as soon as that word came out of her lips she followed it up with a "but I don't think I will end it any time soon."
Why would you stay with a guy who drives you up the wall and that you have decided is not the man you want to marry?

My favorite part of this tale is why he drives her crazy.
1. he tells he he loves her to much.
2. he likes to hold her hand and kiss.
3. he tells her she looks beautiful even when she doesn't think she is.
4.He thinks she is the smartest, coolest, most amazing thing to grace God's earth.

Yeah I can totally tell why she can't stand him.
The last straw for me happened tonight. HE called me to ask if he could come over and drop off a surprise for her. He came down with a fish bowl and a little red beta fish.
Now any normal girl would gush about how sweet and amazing their man was. I mean she has been wanting a fish for a while. Kam's exact words after reading his note on the board "Kam I love you you are amazing I hope Perkins(that's the fishes name) will make you smile" and seeing the fish,
"oh of course" followed by an eye roll and then she left.

To all the women out there who have great guys that love them, but don't really like them that much. Would you just dump him and let him find a girl who will love him back. Not that I want to love Kams man since he is family, but doesn't it just make sense?
If you don't love him let him go.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And then I see clearly

I wanted to tell you all about my pretty crappy day.

flash back to My lost Sobeys pay check that I desperately need. Crawling on my knees in a short skirt with a slit, to find a dirty spare tire. A little primary girl sobbing on my lap because she had to wait her turn to have a jelly bean. A stressed Mother, who can't find a new tire to drive home on. A pair of glasses that I totally love but ended up costing a few hundred more than I was told. A feeling that I was never going to catch a break no matter how hard I worked. The dread of Kam coming home and have to put so much energy into yet another one ended friendship. And most of all the fact that my Mom was going home, and I would be here alone again.

I was going to tell you all about those things, but then some thing happened.

I really write this blog for two reasons, one for me. I like to read what I write. I think I am totally clever and Witty. I think I might be my biggest fan. For some reason composing my day to day life, gives me a great satisfaction. a satisfaction that I feel over and over again while reading my posts.
And two for the few people that mean an awful lot to me. My Mom, T (and SAB now) and B. The little comments they leave usually get me through. Even if it is just T agreeing with the hot factor of Bradley Cooper.
But for a long time the little comments didn't come to often. That's fine, I know not every one is my biggest fan.

Today I decided to go through my recent posts. I have read them dozens of times, and if there is a comment I know who it is from.
As I skimmed through I noticed a comment that hadn't been there before.

I read it. And then I realized that I didn't need to tell you how I can't catch a break. I don't need to write another pity post.
Because there are people who really really REALLY love me. That's all the break I needed.

I might be up to my ears in debt and I might not have a dime to my name. But I am blessed because of you. Whither you are two hours away, ten hours away, or on a different continent, you bless my life and pull me through.

Thanks for the comment, with out it my day would have ended up different. And I would have forgot how many blessings are really in my life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catchy beware

I really can't get this song out of my head. I first heard it with A-russian, who heard it at the club. Then these guys popped up on the real world. Now they are popping up in my head, about every 3 minutes! the guys singing in this video are the band (LMFAO)......WAY ugly, but just so funny. Enjoy! and ready to get this stuck in your head!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hangover

LeahR wanted to go to a movie tonight. Since I took the "Yes" pledge. I said yes. We got there at 10 to. Turns out we needed ID to get into the movie. Really? I have never been ID'd ever. not even when I bought alcohol at 16 did they ID me. but you wont let me into a movie at the movie mill??? it's only 4 dollars!
Anyways we picked a different movie. We walked into the movie, I looked at LeahR.
"We're sneaking into the other movie Leah."
I sent her to distract the man standing between us and the theater it was in. And after a fake bathroom run we settled into our seats in "The Hangover".
It felt good to be a rebel again! Plus the movie was freaking funny. Totally worth taking a chance of wasting $4 and getting kicked out of the theater.
But the best thing about the movie was this:

Yup defiantly this:
See it Laugh your face off.......oh and bring you ID!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter to One Tree Hill leading men.

Dear Nathan,

I know that you decided that you are all in love with Hailey. Even after you married her, she ran away to be famous, then slept with her opening act. Who may I say is NOT as good looking as you.
But are you sure?
I think that I would be a better candidate.....I mean A) I will NEVER be a famous singer, other than in my head. And B) I think Chris Keller is ugly. Problem solved!
Just saying maybe you should explore your options out side of Tree Hill High. Try Canada! We're great up here......well I am! And it is super easy to be a famous Basketball player here, because we don't have any! Well that don't have rainbow hair and a criminal record.

Just trying to open your options up,

Art@Heart (but for you Nathan@Heart......until Gossip Girls season 3 starts then your sore outta luck.)

Dear Lucas,

I know your life is horrible! ok two insanely hot girls have forever crushes on you. Go to the basketball court and cry for a little longer would you! (because you always look so much better when your upset. wink wink)
But here's a tip Luc, usually if you don't kiss other girls while you date their best friend, you don't have to much love drama. Just saying is all. I mean you should try it. One girl at a time. You don't have to hurray, there's plenty of time........I mean it's not like you care that your even dating them. Your to busy sulking about you life! and the longer you take the more seasons you can make.
And another thing, could you PLEASE cut your hair. Maybe that's the real reason for you women drama. Your hair looks like it hasn't been washed in, oh I don't know, 14 episodes!!

Just trying to make your life that much easier,

A girl who will have to settle to have a Tree Hill crush on you, Since Nathan insists on being "in love" with Hailey.

PS would some one PLEASE fall in love with Mouth.....he is way to nice to be alone for this long!!!! this is high school, and he is the two most popular guys, best friend. would you do a brother a solid and get him a girl!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A word form a cripple

ok so new job......A++
sore feet.........F
The new job is fab. not only do I get to dress nice, but all of the girls are so easy to get along with, and there's plenty of hours to be had.
However I do not get to look as fierce as I had hoped.
I wanted to walk around like this...

Minus the whole looking 40 thing.
But instead after a few hours on that cement floor, was reduced to this....

Why must I always sacrifice fashion for comfort. Is Dior just not smart enough to make a pair of seriously hot stilettos that can conveniently be worn for about 8 hours a day and feel like you walking on clouds? Or is his fashion-genius yet to stretch that far?

So day two I wore flats, turns out I need new shoes in general.....that or a wheel chair.
well that's all from this crippled young girl. But I will take the foot, leg, and butt pain over Sobeys any day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The ABC's of bordom

A - Age:
20.....In was going to put 19. Then I remembered my last birthday stole my teen aged title away!

B - Bed size:
small. But just right for a poor college student.

C - Chore you hate:
Taking out the garbage. At first I had baby brother to do it.....when I moved out I made my roomies do it.....but lately it's been just me. and I couldn't convince anyone to come over and do it for me, so I did it. EW GROSS!

D - Dogs or cats:
Dogs. Big dogs that in no way resemble cats. But some times when I see a mouse run out from under my TV stand I think I should be a cat person.

E - Essential start your day item:
Breakfast. no matter what time it is 6am or noon I start with breakfast.

F - Favorite color:
many colors are my favorite.....but for the sake of this I will pick green.

G - Gold or Silver:
Lately gold....weird I know. But everyone like silver.

H - Height:
Well I thought I was 5'6 and a 1/2, then when I stood next to LeahR and saw I was taller that changed. since she is 5'7.

I - Instruments you play:
Guitar....not well, but put me and baby bro in the same room and we make all kinds of songs on that thing.

J - Job title:
In my head I am a brilliant Journalist, heavy on the brilliant. but in reality I am a part time sales associate at a clothing store.

K - Kids:
Are cute.......and then you teach them in primary and decide maybe they aren't so cute anymore.

L - Loud or quiet:
quiet with a hint of background music.

M - Mom's name:

N - Nicknames:
Catherine zeta Catherine (don't ask) Cathykins. those are both rather lame.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth:
not because I was in need of being there.

P - Purpose in life:
To be happy and to experience every thing I can.

Q - Quote from a movie:
Well the only one I can think of is from nick and Norah's
"You know if you don't have a drummer, then why do you have a drum set, you fist full of ass holes!"
I think that was the only quote I ever felt was good enough to remember.

R - Right or left handed:

S - Siblings:
Yes. a baby brother and a step sister........and a plethora of "adopted" siblings.

T - Time you wake up:
any where from 7-11am

U- Underwear:
yes please! and boy short cut.

V - Vegetable you dislike:
I like pretty much all of them.

W - Ways you run late:
My room mates that is the only thing that ever makes me late......and some times my Mom.

X - X-rays you've had:
My teeth. and one of my chest for a physical once. Let me tell you that was a strange and scaring experience.

Y - Yummy food you make:
3 days ago I would have said nothing......however I just made THE best spaghetti sauce I have ever tasted. and I can now say I have a secret ingredient to something!

Z - Zoo favorite:
Water animals.....polar bears, seals, penguins, fish, and certainly not the peacocks that run free and are ready to attack at any moment.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fathers Perspective

This painting was started by my Father before he passed away. I finished it last night. It's come a long way from where he left it, but every thing worked out just the way I think he would want it.

"Father's Perspective"
Ted Coppin & Cathy Coppin


Today I went to the boys house. On Sunday nights we usually watch movies all together. Some nights are better than others, but I usually go every Sunday.
Today we watched "Yes Man".
Good movie, Jim Carey is crazy but I love him.
After the movie ended I realized it may have changed me. Sad that a comedy film could change me.
I am that person the "No Man".
The one who says no because I am afraid to get hurt. I am afraid to let people into my life. Because they will leave and then I will be hurt. So for a whole summer I said no. No I don't want to do that, no I don't want to hangout with you. I made excuses that sounded like "I'm tired" "I'm sick" "I'm having a bad day" "I lost my phone". When what I was really trying to say was "I'm afraid to get close to you, because people always leave".
So now I know the problem.
I feel alone not because I am, but because it is easier to feel like this then to lose some one else.
Well I'm just going to have to get over that.
I have spent to much time trying to fix myself to just let that be that.
So I am going to take a leaf out of "Carls" book. And start saying yes even when I don't want to. And hopefully I will end up the way he did.
Full of life and not afraid to let people in.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok I have stared I think eleven blog post in the past week. Not one of them made the cut.
This being a pretty crappy summer for me, has made blogging a bit depressing. I swear if I had posted all the depressing paragraphs I have written in the past month, you all would be looking for a razor blade. I may have turned my whole family/readers in to emos.........that would have been a horrible thing to do to society.
But in case you can't guess, today I feel good.
So today on this almost sunny Friday in August I am going to post something happy on this blog.
So here it goes........

Cathy's Top 3 funnest moments of her crappy summer.

1. Synchronized Crying
Normally if my room mate was balling on her bed, I wouldn't really think there was anything funny about that. But when you are also laying on your bed balling and both of you are on the phones balling to your Mom's, and your other room mate is running back and forth from room to room trying to comfort each of you, It gets a little funny. Talk about gong show.
"And then he said well maybe we should take a break"
"I just don't understand why things turned out like this"
And poor little Leah standing in the middle thinking "Why didn't I stay out an hour longer!"

2. Terror at the lake.
In one of their many efforts to cheer me up, T and SAB decided that a day on the lake would do me good. Which it did, but you can't have a funny moment post with out adding this little traumatic moment in my life. I mean look at my face, that look makes me want to pee my pants laughing.
Actually I think I may have peed in my pants at this moment! oops.

3. roMANce
one of the funniest events of this summer have been my encounters with men. For some reason it`s just a bit awkward with every guy I talk to.
My best example is Ken. Remember the one I was in love with right before moving back to the bridge? well this is kind of how it is when ever we run into each other.
Me: Hey
Ken: Hey

Long awkward pause...................................................................................................................................
Me: So........Whats new.
Ken: work, ya know.
Me: yeah fun.
Ken ya
Me: ok well BYE!
Then I run like there`s an angry bee after me.
Is it just me or have all the guys I know gotten really awkward since moving back?

There you have it 3 moments that kind of just make me want to laugh.