Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A word form a cripple

ok so new job......A++
sore feet.........F
The new job is fab. not only do I get to dress nice, but all of the girls are so easy to get along with, and there's plenty of hours to be had.
However I do not get to look as fierce as I had hoped.
I wanted to walk around like this...

Minus the whole looking 40 thing.
But instead after a few hours on that cement floor, was reduced to this....

Why must I always sacrifice fashion for comfort. Is Dior just not smart enough to make a pair of seriously hot stilettos that can conveniently be worn for about 8 hours a day and feel like you walking on clouds? Or is his fashion-genius yet to stretch that far?

So day two I wore flats, turns out I need new shoes in general.....that or a wheel chair.
well that's all from this crippled young girl. But I will take the foot, leg, and butt pain over Sobeys any day!

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