Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hangover

LeahR wanted to go to a movie tonight. Since I took the "Yes" pledge. I said yes. We got there at 10 to. Turns out we needed ID to get into the movie. Really? I have never been ID'd ever. not even when I bought alcohol at 16 did they ID me. but you wont let me into a movie at the movie mill??? it's only 4 dollars!
Anyways we picked a different movie. We walked into the movie, I looked at LeahR.
"We're sneaking into the other movie Leah."
I sent her to distract the man standing between us and the theater it was in. And after a fake bathroom run we settled into our seats in "The Hangover".
It felt good to be a rebel again! Plus the movie was freaking funny. Totally worth taking a chance of wasting $4 and getting kicked out of the theater.
But the best thing about the movie was this:

Yup defiantly this:
See it Laugh your face off.......oh and bring you ID!


Tiffany said...

Oh yes, he is mega yummy. Loved him since Alias.

Me Myself and Eye said...

Friggin funny... thats all i gotta say...