Saturday, August 29, 2009

The excitment builds!

So I'm pretty excited about the big day.
You know the one? The one where I learn how to be a Fab journalist? Yeah that one! As you can see to your right I have a count down clock. I'm that stoked.
This post was going to be list of influential journalist of our time. However I don't really know any. So I typed into goggle. That’s how I gain most of my knowledge! But it was no help. I got a bunch of "New York" magazine articles on journalist.....none of which were descriptive or specific about whom they were talking about.
 So for now my list sits at one. Carrie Bradshaw. And she’s not even a REAL person. But is one of the reasons I thought I should be a journalist. So I could write things and people would listen and read them. And then I could buy manolo heels. And live in a fabulous apartment in NY. Looks like I'm going to need to pick a more substantial role motel in the journalism world.

How ever I did manage to find a whole web site, devoted to the pop art images of journalists in the 21st century. There were two pictures on it.......really? What was even the point of making a WHOLE web site for that?

I forgot superman was a journalist by day......hummm there’s another to add to my list!
So 10 days, I got the glasses, I got the clothes, and I got the passion. So here's hoping I got the talent (but we all know I do!)

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