Thursday, August 27, 2009

The NEW and improved Goal

Remember when I swore to lose one pant size......about half a year ago.
I lost a whole 20 pounds; it was a great goal until I moved back to the bridge.
Then my running stopped, my diet went south, and my will power went out the window. And my waist line went up and over the 20 pounds that I had been oh so proud to lose.

Time for a NEW GOAL!

Bought a new coat...........fabulous white coat with gold buttons. I fell in love so even though it’s a bit snug, I got it.  Like my Mother always told me, “If you love something, you need to buy it. Or you will regret it.” Thanks for the advice Mom!

Goal starts Monday. 3 work outs (not less than a 1/2 hour) a week. Say good by to pizza (Which is kind of like giving up my only food source), and no ice cream (la sigh), cookies (better eat those Oreos fast!), chips (that I got covered) and all the other things that have sustained me for the past 4 months (i.e. sugar). And if you’re thinking of putting butter on that, you can forget about it! (Luckily I’m not a huge butter fan…… usually).

The finish line is to fit my new coat by the first snow fall. And since I live in an unpredictable climate that could be as little as one month. 

Wish me luck! I will look fierce in that coat!

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Bobbi-Jo said...

Nothing like a gorgeous piece of clothing to motivate you! Nice!! Good luck with your goal and I hope to see a pic of the new coat!