Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter to One Tree Hill leading men.

Dear Nathan,

I know that you decided that you are all in love with Hailey. Even after you married her, she ran away to be famous, then slept with her opening act. Who may I say is NOT as good looking as you.
But are you sure?
I think that I would be a better candidate.....I mean A) I will NEVER be a famous singer, other than in my head. And B) I think Chris Keller is ugly. Problem solved!
Just saying maybe you should explore your options out side of Tree Hill High. Try Canada! We're great up here......well I am! And it is super easy to be a famous Basketball player here, because we don't have any! Well that don't have rainbow hair and a criminal record.

Just trying to open your options up,

Art@Heart (but for you Nathan@Heart......until Gossip Girls season 3 starts then your sore outta luck.)

Dear Lucas,

I know your life is horrible! ok two insanely hot girls have forever crushes on you. Go to the basketball court and cry for a little longer would you! (because you always look so much better when your upset. wink wink)
But here's a tip Luc, usually if you don't kiss other girls while you date their best friend, you don't have to much love drama. Just saying is all. I mean you should try it. One girl at a time. You don't have to hurray, there's plenty of time........I mean it's not like you care that your even dating them. Your to busy sulking about you life! and the longer you take the more seasons you can make.
And another thing, could you PLEASE cut your hair. Maybe that's the real reason for you women drama. Your hair looks like it hasn't been washed in, oh I don't know, 14 episodes!!

Just trying to make your life that much easier,

A girl who will have to settle to have a Tree Hill crush on you, Since Nathan insists on being "in love" with Hailey.

PS would some one PLEASE fall in love with Mouth.....he is way to nice to be alone for this long!!!! this is high school, and he is the two most popular guys, best friend. would you do a brother a solid and get him a girl!

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