Monday, August 17, 2009

Love sick

Usually a post that starts out with that kind of title would make you think, oh no who's the boy?
But really this isn't about me.

Today Kam got home from visiting her family. Her boyfriend (a guy I have know for a very long time) went to spend the last 4 days of her vacation with her.
As she sat on my bed she told me about how much he drove her crazy, and how she had been seriously praying whether he was for her.
And as we talked she realized she had got her answer. A big fat NO.
But as soon as that word came out of her lips she followed it up with a "but I don't think I will end it any time soon."
Why would you stay with a guy who drives you up the wall and that you have decided is not the man you want to marry?

My favorite part of this tale is why he drives her crazy.
1. he tells he he loves her to much.
2. he likes to hold her hand and kiss.
3. he tells her she looks beautiful even when she doesn't think she is.
4.He thinks she is the smartest, coolest, most amazing thing to grace God's earth.

Yeah I can totally tell why she can't stand him.
The last straw for me happened tonight. HE called me to ask if he could come over and drop off a surprise for her. He came down with a fish bowl and a little red beta fish.
Now any normal girl would gush about how sweet and amazing their man was. I mean she has been wanting a fish for a while. Kam's exact words after reading his note on the board "Kam I love you you are amazing I hope Perkins(that's the fishes name) will make you smile" and seeing the fish,
"oh of course" followed by an eye roll and then she left.

To all the women out there who have great guys that love them, but don't really like them that much. Would you just dump him and let him find a girl who will love him back. Not that I want to love Kams man since he is family, but doesn't it just make sense?
If you don't love him let him go.

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