Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some things change.....most don't

Here's a few things that will never change about me!

1. My un dying love for anything with cheetah or zebra print.

2. For about 3 years my diet has been 75% sugar......Even when I can afford to eat other things, I still would rather snack on a bag of chocolate chips than pick up a pot and cook. I think when I figured out I could eat candy for breakfast, I really wanted to make up for the rest of my life that I couldn't!

3. I still think I'm an expert on every thing. Even if I have not even the remotest idea what I am talking about, I can make it sound like I studied it all my life.

4. I still try to be comfortable at all times. I don't own a single thing that is annoying to wear. That's a lie. I have a few, but I don't wear them. Any day of the week I would like to be chillin in my yoga pants and bad that's not all that fashionable.

5. I watch to much MTV. I am 20 years old.......and yet love a good, piece of Brain numbing, entirely un-educational TV entertaining. It might be the colors or maybe the catchy music they put in the shows, what ever it is I am hooked for life!

6. I like Brittany Spears......melt down and all......I got her first album on a tape for my 10th birthday. I lied about my love for her for most of my teen aged years. But I'm old now. My life is to short to lie to you. I LOVE Brittany Spears and her trashy outfits, hair and life style. Every time she puts a new song out I listen to it until I have it memorized. AND I have seen her low budget movie "cross roads" to many time for my own good. There you have it.

7. In every situation there is two things that run through my head, The thing I usually say. And an extremely witty mean thing I would rather say. I am known for my kind heart and loving personality. If only you could hear the things that run through my head when I'm upset. I have 2 people in me I'd like to think the one that I barely show, rivals Blair Waldorf any day of the week. I guess all your parenting payed off Mom!

8. Most of the time I listen to alternative, rock, punk and even metal. But sometimes I just want to listen to some serious gangster rap. In fact in my early High school days, I was all about the lil John, snoopy dogg, 5o cent, eminem stuff. Then I got too cool for that......or maybe a little less angry. Either way sometimes I gotta throw back to my High school roots. That's why when listening to my Ipod there will be a stream of great mellow music and then need to change the song. Jack Johnson to Classified in 3.5 seconds. lol.

9.I really like stickers. Every child loves stickers right? well I don't think I grew out of that one. The I put them on a lot of stuff......but tend to get tired of them quick so I rip them off and throw them on the floor. In true 4 year old style. But I also have an uncontrolable impulse to pull the sticker off of any object. Ketchup, shampoo, lotion, hair spray, don't leave your sticker'd bleonings with me to long......they might end up coming back to you with one less sticker.

10. I don't think I have ever made my bed for a week strait. Maybe once in a while.....defiantly when I know AuntJ and UncleJ are coming. Or if I spend then night at their house. Really only if they are with in 50 km of where I sleep. Their presence strikes a fear in me, that no one else can. Even when my house is clean, I still know it's not clean enough. Hence the bed making. But I like it messy. its adds......personality. Or comfort. Either way I don't make my bed and don't see it happening......ever. lol


Me Myself and Eye said...

Brittany Spears? Seriously? I'm so dissapointed in you. I don't know if I can read your blog ever again. Eminem, Snoop Dog... whatever... but the quintessential blonde trailer trash? again... dissapointing... :(

Me Myself and Eye said...

And hey... looks like you and I both spelled it wrong... it's Britney

Bobbi-Jo said...

I had to LOL about the bed making - I'm the same way and I'm 30! BUT when I know someone is coming over, even though WHAT are the chances they'll pop in my room, I have to make the bed. Hee hee

juliette pouwer said...

it okay I don't make my bed and I came from AuntJ and UncleJ. Probably because it was forced upon me and now I have my own house. Well the real reason is I have a husband that does it for me. Even if it's in the evening he'll still make the bed for the couple of hours. Yeah he has a 'little' OCD. I'm helping him through it by letting him do all the cleaning he needs :D

burns said...
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burns said...

Your writing is out-of-this-world. What have you been doing all summer? There is a powerful voice speaking out of the words you write.

WOW! You're brave. I'll have to write more clearly myself.

judy.grunewald said...

Aunt J & Uncle are laughing - your bed is yours - if you don't want to make it don't - we love you whether you make your bed or not.