Sunday, August 16, 2009

And then I see clearly

I wanted to tell you all about my pretty crappy day.

flash back to My lost Sobeys pay check that I desperately need. Crawling on my knees in a short skirt with a slit, to find a dirty spare tire. A little primary girl sobbing on my lap because she had to wait her turn to have a jelly bean. A stressed Mother, who can't find a new tire to drive home on. A pair of glasses that I totally love but ended up costing a few hundred more than I was told. A feeling that I was never going to catch a break no matter how hard I worked. The dread of Kam coming home and have to put so much energy into yet another one ended friendship. And most of all the fact that my Mom was going home, and I would be here alone again.

I was going to tell you all about those things, but then some thing happened.

I really write this blog for two reasons, one for me. I like to read what I write. I think I am totally clever and Witty. I think I might be my biggest fan. For some reason composing my day to day life, gives me a great satisfaction. a satisfaction that I feel over and over again while reading my posts.
And two for the few people that mean an awful lot to me. My Mom, T (and SAB now) and B. The little comments they leave usually get me through. Even if it is just T agreeing with the hot factor of Bradley Cooper.
But for a long time the little comments didn't come to often. That's fine, I know not every one is my biggest fan.

Today I decided to go through my recent posts. I have read them dozens of times, and if there is a comment I know who it is from.
As I skimmed through I noticed a comment that hadn't been there before.

I read it. And then I realized that I didn't need to tell you how I can't catch a break. I don't need to write another pity post.
Because there are people who really really REALLY love me. That's all the break I needed.

I might be up to my ears in debt and I might not have a dime to my name. But I am blessed because of you. Whither you are two hours away, ten hours away, or on a different continent, you bless my life and pull me through.

Thanks for the comment, with out it my day would have ended up different. And I would have forgot how many blessings are really in my life.


Tiffany said...

Dear Sweet Girl,

If you lose your paycheque, you call me. If you need food, you call me. If you need a laugh...HELLO, you call me. Or if you need to chat cause we're buddies...well, you get the jist.

I love you babe,


Me Myself and Eye said...

I do believe you have more fans than just yourself... just FYI...