Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fathers Perspective

This painting was started by my Father before he passed away. I finished it last night. It's come a long way from where he left it, but every thing worked out just the way I think he would want it.

"Father's Perspective"
Ted Coppin & Cathy Coppin


Tiffany said...

Good job babe. Artistic healing...just what you need.

burns said...

Hi Cathy. These past few months have been high-speed and exciting. It was patience in the end, and maturity, that reminded me how much I love you. I have always had two older sisters. I'm realizing I have a younger one too. I respect you more than you can imagine and wish we were able to drive around Calgary and talk. Most of my crazy thoughts are out... um, I still have a whole bunch of crazy thoughts that I'm only able to articulate when we're together driving around. I miss you.

love, B