Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie night

It is yet again cheap night at the movie mill. I only ever see movies at the cheap theatre......call me cheap! Or call me brilliant! lol. Tonight was Julie and Julia. A cute movie, which has inspired me to purchase a copy of Julia Childs "Master the art of French cooking".
Despite popular ideas, I can cook. Living with T helped......but I could always cook. I'm just a bit more confident doing it. I am not entirely sure when I will ever have to "bone" a duck. What occasion calls for boneless duck???? A quiet supper at home? Or maybe a birthday? A nice box of cake and a stuffed boneless duck, sound appealing to any of my fan base?  Maybe that is how I will win a man......taking bones out of a duck! 

This movie also inspired me! Julie is an average girl who loves to write, but never really got any breaks. So she is stuck at a more than depressing job, answering phones for a 9-11 rebuild project.  Then her fabulous husband (who isn't half bad looking either!) convinces her to do what she loves and cook 500 and something recepies in one year. She writes a blog along with it. 

I love to write; whither I'm good at it or not, is debatable. My grammar isn't good, and sometimes what I write doesn't sound right once it's on the screen. But I love it. It brings me alive, and lets me be who I REALLY am. 
In the end Julies blog is fabulous.....she has editors knocking on her door wanting her to write a book. She finds herself and proves she can finish something all in one two hour movie. 
So maybe my blog will never make it past the computer screens of my family, and one reader who I stumbled upon while re-reading some old post. Shout out to the only blogger I don't know who has commented on my blog, jlamm! But one day my book will be on someone’s shelf. If it’s only T's that will be good enough for me! As long as it can go before the Twilight series! Lol

Julie and Julia thumbs up! For showing me that with a little effort all dreams come true!

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