Friday, October 30, 2009

Fan of Fridays Halloween Edition

Ok so this fan of friday stars me! I am a fan of all the cool things I did to these pictures using Picnik! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Vampire Cathy..........

Zombie Besties.........

Werewolf Eyes.

Who needs to dress up on halloween when you have photo shop like this!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cry baby blues

Today I mostly want to get a few frustrations out.

1. Dear Reitmans,
I told you I can only work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for a reason. I have school until stupid hours ALL other days! So stop F-ing calling me every week (on the same day) and asking if I can work. Turns out I am busy......until the end of the year!
Some one who can think logically!

2. I once told you about my instructor Pete. Well even though Pete is a character he is a good teacher (the first time, he has an over tendency to repeat what he says, multiple times). However Z does not think so. He thinks Pete has a vendetta against him. That is why he keeps getting bad marks. Even though I must agree yes Pete does speak to Z like he is stupid, he doesn't hate on him. 
Dear Z,
Stop being such a huge cry baby! You are a 19 year old man, take matters into your own hands! Pete isn't giving you bad marks because he hates you (because if he was he would be out of a job). Just saying no one ever fixed things by being mad. Scheming however brings a different result.
Yours truly,
A very clever girl....

3. This whole H1N1 thing is a little out of control. I pay a lot of money to go to school, even if I have been in a tragic accident I can't afford to miss classes. So why do you think I am going to stay home, just because I have a cough. Well apparently the college thought of that, all students who cough in class will be sent to the health clinic for a mask...............really?
So today I walked past the health center and coughed, really really loud! Way to stick it to the man, right? lol thats just how I role. I may be into many out landish fashion trends, but H1N1 mask will never be in that list. However I did see a little Asian girl with one that matched her scarf! I still don't think that trend will catch on.

4. Maybe my landlords don't hate me. I was walking home from Wal-Mart last night, and got a wave. Also all the children have been permitted to talk to me. Weird, I wish they would make up their minds! Hate me or don't. I mean it makes me feel like a huge idiot after venting on my Mother about how mean they were being, and then turns out they aren't being mean? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!

5. In case you didn't guess from #3 I am sick. I don't understand the whole getting sick thing. I was perfectly fine, and then all of a sudden sore throat! What happened!? Did my immune system decide to take a holiday?? If so, can I get a new one, one that is willing to work over time in the winter and holidays? Is it not bad enough that I have to deal with wet snow and cold? Why must you throw in a head that feels ready to burst and angry cats sliding down my throat!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tim Hortons is a place for love

ok it's not......I mean the more glamorous loves take place in places like starbucks, or little coffee shops downtown.
So Tim Horton’s is a place to discuss love.
I spent the afternoon with Bri yesterday. We of course made our way to Tim Horton’s after shooting some very horrible sequences for visual class. We ordered a drink and sat.
First topic of the chat........candidates for my love.
If you know me you know I don't date a lot. If you really know me you know that it’s not so much I don't date, it's more I am overly picky and clueless.
But regardless of the fact that I am content with my single status Bri insisted there must be some one I liked.
So I caved, and tried to think of someone cute.
3 boys came to mind....all in my program at school.
So I told her.
Hours past, and we sat talking about our loves, our parent’s loves, and our friends loves. 
After I got home, I watched a riveting hour of AFV and went to bed.
I got to class and started my work. Bri leaned over.
"Where's your boyfriend Cathy?"
I laughed and went back to editing.
"Oh there's your other boyfriend Cathy!"
So I have three boyfriends.
How talented am I. Saturday I was I am a polygamist.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Playlist.

Hears a little of what I am listen to these days!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fan of Fridays

This is Nadine.....she is a Canadian. She is funny and most importantly she is running for MuchMusics VJ search. She is in the Top 16....and is my favorite! She also has a youtube channel. So go subscribe (Hey Nadine) and watch some of her videos they are great! this is my fav!

they didn't know what love was

this is my first attempt at fiction. DeWolf insiperd? I think so. But I said I would post some I did! enjoy. 

It had been years since she had talked to him.
Mostly she was happy. But ever so often, his face would flash through her dreams. She would remember all the times.
The times when he was so mad, he would sit there and tell her how he really felt. The times when she would sleep out side waiting for him to come home, because she was worried he might not. The times that she was wasted and he took care of her. Never letting anyone treat her bad.
She woke up when his face flashed through her dreams again.
Laying there she tried to figure out why he was on her mind again. 
Falling back to sleep he was the last thing that crossed her mind.
The sun woke her up, it was seven.
Out the door.
As she walked on to the train platform, his face flashed through her mind again.
Distracted she picked a seat next to the window, looked up.
There he was.
Could this be it?
Could this be the chance for her to have the love affair she had always wanted with him?
The train pulled away, and suddenly she realized she may never see you again.
What now?
Did she want him? Did he want her? 
The train gets to her stop, she still is undecided. She walks past him, hoping he will make the move, and steps out of the train.

He had lived a lot of life since the last time he saw her. He had thought he was in love once, but she cheated. When he found out, he thought of her. Would she have done that to him? Why didn't he ever give her the chance? 
He brushed his teeth, and thought of her. The times they had had together. When she fell asleep out side, when he took off in anger. The time she sat with him while he packed his stuff, trying not to cry trying to be strong, even though he knew she wanted to. How he had wanted so badly to hold her forever the day he left.
He looked up and saw her face in the mirror.
Out the door.
As he walked on to the platform he thought he could smell her. He sat down in front of the door, and turned on his Ipod. Again her smell. The train was almost at his stop, he looked up just as the doors closed.
He saw her.
Without thinking he went for the door. This was the chance he had waited for.
It was to late the trained pulled away; he slammed his fist against the window.

She heard a bang, and looked back. He was there looking into her eyes, speeding away. She ran towards the train. It was too late he was gone.
She got ready for bed. Weeks had passed since she saw him on the train, everyday she looked for him. Her phone rang.
"Do you have any idea how hard you are to find?"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What did she say?

Well just to clarify I am famous!
Just kidding I'm not but I feel like it.
Why you ask?
Because a web site found my blog, and asked me to do an interview for them about writing.
They think I am a legit writer! No jokes its great......and I totally played it up. 
Actually I am a legit writer, did you know I write fiction? 
Well since I have never post a fiction story that would be a big fat NO.
So I am going to post one!
It may take a while I need to sit down and write (finish writing) one. But from now on I will be posting fiction.
I know you are all dancing with joy to read my
I still will post like this.....because really I am not that brilliant! I don’t think I have time to write a story daily, but weekly is my new goal. Oh and if you would like to read my ya go (ps dont judge my spelling I couldnt figure out how to edit it after I wrote it!)! When I am I will post the link!
It feels good to have my writing acknowledged! It's been almost three years since I started this blog. And finally I have other people than T interested in it (no disrespect T you’re my #1 fan!).
So I guess I'm a writer.
Nice to meet you, I'm Cathy and I'm a writer aspiring to be a journalist!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the food bandit

Well I got a new house! I move Dec first. The Land Lords did not take it well. They have taken to ignoring us, and when their kids try to talk to us, they are hushed and sent inside. The curtains are drawn, the doors are locked and the family is on the DL.
I'm not entirely sure why they are so mad?
Did I do some thing?
I thought that I just gave them over a months notice. I mean if they didn’t see it coming they must be dense. I told them I was looking for another house (all of us did).

Any ways I can't do anything about their anger........unless I had super powers. But I would have a long list of much cooler things to do with super powers.

Have you heard about the food bandit?
The illusive bandit knows just what is mine.....and only eats my food. After point blank being asked Kam said no she had not eaten my food. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Yesterday an entire container of KD went missing out of the fridge. LeahN Eron and I were all gone Kam was home....................Must be a bandit. That’s the only explanation.

I hooked up on twitter today. Mostly I wanted to support this super cute girl who wants to be the next VJ on Much Music. So I figured I would twitter for a good cause! I got all set up and made a life changing decision. Twitter is where I where promote myself! See I am a hardcore Face booker...............but I don't want my actual friends to read my blog! So I have never done a lot of blog promo there.....but not one person I know is on twitter! Do you know what that means? Cathy Coppin uncensored!! woot woot!! So if you want to read a tweet or two, check out my twitter page......I'm going to post a link on the side bar....I hope!

Night on the town

It was a long day of work. We were all not looking our best......but we did it anyways.
A room mates photo shoot.

Friday, October 16, 2009

fan of fridays

This week I am just giving you a song.
I dedicate this song to my land lord and room mate.
I'm a fan of expressing anger through music!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some times I wish I could afford a plane ticket out of here.

Have you ever just had one of those days?
Right you know the one I'm talking about.
The one where you watch your favourite episode of gossip girl (or you know less amazing shows) over and over again. Wishing the whole time you could just stay in that little world.
You and Chuck Bass. lol. 

I wish I could take my college and all the people in it, and put it some where new. I am not such a fan of the bridge anymore. Huge fan of college though. It may be hard, to up root a whole college. Since you know it’s huge and impossible. 

Well since I can't escape my life and bring my school with me for real. I thought I would do it here. Anything is possible with the power of the internet. lol.
So here is goes.
One plane ticket to........... some where warm, and about the size of Toronto.
 Big and warm, these two things make for the perfect living situation.
Also a personal chef makes for a good living situation, but I won't be that picky.
In this city, I am wearing the most amazing out fit. Not a hoodie and PJ pants (though I shouldn’t knock PJ's they are the most amazing attire)
In this city I also have landlords, which do not care about my personal life. Making it very easy to not feel parented at all times (oh how I long for those days).
Also I do have room mates, we all get along very well. But we aren't all up in each others business. Supportive but not clingy and noisy.
There is this super beautiful Irish guy, (he just came here to fall in love......I suspect it will be with me) living down the hall. He is a writer; he too is going to school. He is very helpful with my English assignments (But I mean English or no English his eyes still look as green).
I work part time at a magazine. Nothing glamorous because I don’t' have a degree yet. I get coffee and take messages. But since it is for a top fashion magazine I get great off cast free clothes. And I work with the most fabulous gay guy (BRog will work) we have a blast all day.
And let’s not forget my great college, which I love, is there for me to go to 5 days a week.

Kind of didn't want to leave that world. 
I guess its back to reality winter boots and all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

waging war

I want so badly to wage a war.
To hurt you as bad as you have hurt me
The past few months
I want so badly to fix
My problems with you
By scheming 
I made plans
I wrote notes
I know how to
Destroy you
I will not fight
I will not falter
I will not be like you
By scheming
My problems with you
I will not be fixed
The next few months I will
Protect myself
I want so badly to wage a war.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving the day of glory

This is my Thanksgiving weekend. It was amazing! Thanks to everyone.....especially T an KC (catch that SAB I changed you name,clever right!?) Here's some photos we took Sunday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a baby!

No this is not MY baby. This is the future Fox-Walker baby! look how cute! This little Foxlette is getting bigger and bigger.......Can't wait.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I am

In one week I get to be any thing I want.
Mondays I'm an Upper East Side socialite. For one whole hour I wear high couture and live in New York.

Tuesdays I work for a sarcastic Doctor. Who is brilliant and a tad insane? I only get to do this Tuesdays because it interferes with my plans to be a socialite on Mondays.

Wednesday I strut my stuff all up and back the cat walk. All the while thinking about how fierce Mr J and Mrs. Banks are.

Thursday I perform along side my cutie pie of a leading man in Glee club. Beating it out, and belting it out along with my friends.....and may I say the cutes Spanish teacher I ever did see. Of course I push practice down a day since I have to practise my cat walkWednesday

Fridays I am a Dr worried about losing my job, and since my hopes to snag McDreamy has officially been stomped, looking for a new love interest. And of course I am running a bit late again but hey I can only book so many careers in a day!

And that’s what I am every week night. When I'm not busy learning to be afab Journalist.

strait up ballin

That tile has to do with nothing. Other than the fact that Z said that phrase for about an hour strait yesterday. I meant to write last night......turns out I figured Reba was more entertaining than blogging. 

Saturday I called the province of Alberta. Here is a sample of what I did.

*Ringring Ringring  Ringring*
Hi! I a college student.....

*Ringring Ringring*
...Hi, I'm a college student, and I am conducting an opinion poll for a cla

That was my Saturday.

Sunday was a long day, to stay awake during this day I attempted to play hearts on my lap top. After two hours I was addicted.
"Cathy conference is over. You don't have to sit there any more."
"NOOOOOO. Douche bag tricked me into getting the queen!!!!"
That was Sunday.

Monday was I came home form school to a note on the board.

"Hey guys, I think we need to talk about the problems that we have with each other. You know he said she said, apologies, that kind of stuff. Let me know! Text me?"

I talked to my other two roomies; we all came to the same decision. 
We don't have anything to say to you.
I erased the message and did my home work.

Tuesday I decided to get healthy! I woke up in the morning and strapped on my running shoes. I turned on my ipod and started to run. I got to the end of the block and remembered I hadn't done that in a while. Since my lungs now felt like they were on fire, I gave up for that day. When I got home my foot began to hurt again. 
Looks like I'll stick to yoga for a while!

And that is my week so far. PS if you are looking for a laugh today, go to the itunes store, type in "The Moth Podcast" click on this picture

And download Jessi Klein: Dale
It's free, and a good laugh about someones bad day.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fan of Friday

I missed lasts weeks "Fan of Friday" I'm sure you all died a little in side. Anyways this weeks talents is..........

Thursday, October 1, 2009

what follows 86?

It sad to say but since my 86th post, I haven't been able to think of much to post. So here goes nothing. Sorry if it's lame.

I don’t really like fish. To eat yes please, to have as a pet no thank you. I know what you’re thinking, out of all the pets, why do you not like fish? They are so easy to take care of! Well to you I say, they stink. Kam got a fish about a month ago; I think she has fed it four times. Needless to say it's starving and swimming in a small bowl of fungus and fish waste. Yeah that’s what I thought, not so appealing now are they? It has gotten so bad that the fish often get stuck in the fungus that has formed in the bowl. So today I decided to take matters into my own hands. I gave it a large helping of fish dots (this is what her fish food is. not flakes, not food, fish dots). When I got home from school I cleaned the bowl. 
This is not an easy feat for me. See I don’t like unpredictable animals. At any moment that fish could have flopped off the spoon I was using to catch it, and on to my sweater. Then it would have falling to the floor and flopped around looking like it was having an episode. I would like to say that I would help it, but no it's too unpredictable to help. Plus it's been swimming in its own waste for a month. Really I think the fish should have more respect for me! I was doing a good dead for it! It could have just swum up to the spoon hopped on and laid still until it got to the sour cream container, where it was to await a clean house. 
I wasn't aware that I could write such a long paragraph about such a simple event. But I did. Case closed fish clean.

Since school has progressed, my friends have kind of changed. Bri and I are still tight, but BRog has taken up with a new crowd of girls. Who we can't really handle a lot of. But at the same time BRog started to hang with the "other girls" I started to hang with a couple other people. Who I have a lot more fun with. Remember the cute boy that I couldn't decide his sexual orientation. That’s Z; he is quickly becoming my favourite person. Ok top 10 he has a lot to live up to! And Jess is this cute little girl who I was in a group with once. Any ways Bri, Z, Jess and I have all kind of just taken to each other. So this documents the end of the "tripod" (what BRog called us) and the beginning of friendships. Which I think sounds way better than the”tripod" anyways. Not that I don't still like BRog, he is great! Oh and still haven't figure out if Z is gay but I'm leaning towards yes.

PS do you watch GLEE? I have totally fallen in love with their singing. I like the show, but tend to get bored when they are doing anything else but singing. I guess it's my love of show choir (which I never got to experience) or maybe it's the good looking lead? Either way I have been singing GLEE songs all day!