Thursday, October 1, 2009

what follows 86?

It sad to say but since my 86th post, I haven't been able to think of much to post. So here goes nothing. Sorry if it's lame.

I don’t really like fish. To eat yes please, to have as a pet no thank you. I know what you’re thinking, out of all the pets, why do you not like fish? They are so easy to take care of! Well to you I say, they stink. Kam got a fish about a month ago; I think she has fed it four times. Needless to say it's starving and swimming in a small bowl of fungus and fish waste. Yeah that’s what I thought, not so appealing now are they? It has gotten so bad that the fish often get stuck in the fungus that has formed in the bowl. So today I decided to take matters into my own hands. I gave it a large helping of fish dots (this is what her fish food is. not flakes, not food, fish dots). When I got home from school I cleaned the bowl. 
This is not an easy feat for me. See I don’t like unpredictable animals. At any moment that fish could have flopped off the spoon I was using to catch it, and on to my sweater. Then it would have falling to the floor and flopped around looking like it was having an episode. I would like to say that I would help it, but no it's too unpredictable to help. Plus it's been swimming in its own waste for a month. Really I think the fish should have more respect for me! I was doing a good dead for it! It could have just swum up to the spoon hopped on and laid still until it got to the sour cream container, where it was to await a clean house. 
I wasn't aware that I could write such a long paragraph about such a simple event. But I did. Case closed fish clean.

Since school has progressed, my friends have kind of changed. Bri and I are still tight, but BRog has taken up with a new crowd of girls. Who we can't really handle a lot of. But at the same time BRog started to hang with the "other girls" I started to hang with a couple other people. Who I have a lot more fun with. Remember the cute boy that I couldn't decide his sexual orientation. That’s Z; he is quickly becoming my favourite person. Ok top 10 he has a lot to live up to! And Jess is this cute little girl who I was in a group with once. Any ways Bri, Z, Jess and I have all kind of just taken to each other. So this documents the end of the "tripod" (what BRog called us) and the beginning of friendships. Which I think sounds way better than the”tripod" anyways. Not that I don't still like BRog, he is great! Oh and still haven't figure out if Z is gay but I'm leaning towards yes.

PS do you watch GLEE? I have totally fallen in love with their singing. I like the show, but tend to get bored when they are doing anything else but singing. I guess it's my love of show choir (which I never got to experience) or maybe it's the good looking lead? Either way I have been singing GLEE songs all day!

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