Friday, October 23, 2009

they didn't know what love was

this is my first attempt at fiction. DeWolf insiperd? I think so. But I said I would post some I did! enjoy. 

It had been years since she had talked to him.
Mostly she was happy. But ever so often, his face would flash through her dreams. She would remember all the times.
The times when he was so mad, he would sit there and tell her how he really felt. The times when she would sleep out side waiting for him to come home, because she was worried he might not. The times that she was wasted and he took care of her. Never letting anyone treat her bad.
She woke up when his face flashed through her dreams again.
Laying there she tried to figure out why he was on her mind again. 
Falling back to sleep he was the last thing that crossed her mind.
The sun woke her up, it was seven.
Out the door.
As she walked on to the train platform, his face flashed through her mind again.
Distracted she picked a seat next to the window, looked up.
There he was.
Could this be it?
Could this be the chance for her to have the love affair she had always wanted with him?
The train pulled away, and suddenly she realized she may never see you again.
What now?
Did she want him? Did he want her? 
The train gets to her stop, she still is undecided. She walks past him, hoping he will make the move, and steps out of the train.

He had lived a lot of life since the last time he saw her. He had thought he was in love once, but she cheated. When he found out, he thought of her. Would she have done that to him? Why didn't he ever give her the chance? 
He brushed his teeth, and thought of her. The times they had had together. When she fell asleep out side, when he took off in anger. The time she sat with him while he packed his stuff, trying not to cry trying to be strong, even though he knew she wanted to. How he had wanted so badly to hold her forever the day he left.
He looked up and saw her face in the mirror.
Out the door.
As he walked on to the platform he thought he could smell her. He sat down in front of the door, and turned on his Ipod. Again her smell. The train was almost at his stop, he looked up just as the doors closed.
He saw her.
Without thinking he went for the door. This was the chance he had waited for.
It was to late the trained pulled away; he slammed his fist against the window.

She heard a bang, and looked back. He was there looking into her eyes, speeding away. She ran towards the train. It was too late he was gone.
She got ready for bed. Weeks had passed since she saw him on the train, everyday she looked for him. Her phone rang.
"Do you have any idea how hard you are to find?"

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