Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some times I wish I could afford a plane ticket out of here.

Have you ever just had one of those days?
Right you know the one I'm talking about.
The one where you watch your favourite episode of gossip girl (or you know less amazing shows) over and over again. Wishing the whole time you could just stay in that little world.
You and Chuck Bass. lol. 

I wish I could take my college and all the people in it, and put it some where new. I am not such a fan of the bridge anymore. Huge fan of college though. It may be hard, to up root a whole college. Since you know it’s huge and impossible. 

Well since I can't escape my life and bring my school with me for real. I thought I would do it here. Anything is possible with the power of the internet. lol.
So here is goes.
One plane ticket to........... some where warm, and about the size of Toronto.
 Big and warm, these two things make for the perfect living situation.
Also a personal chef makes for a good living situation, but I won't be that picky.
In this city, I am wearing the most amazing out fit. Not a hoodie and PJ pants (though I shouldn’t knock PJ's they are the most amazing attire)
In this city I also have landlords, which do not care about my personal life. Making it very easy to not feel parented at all times (oh how I long for those days).
Also I do have room mates, we all get along very well. But we aren't all up in each others business. Supportive but not clingy and noisy.
There is this super beautiful Irish guy, (he just came here to fall in love......I suspect it will be with me) living down the hall. He is a writer; he too is going to school. He is very helpful with my English assignments (But I mean English or no English his eyes still look as green).
I work part time at a magazine. Nothing glamorous because I don’t' have a degree yet. I get coffee and take messages. But since it is for a top fashion magazine I get great off cast free clothes. And I work with the most fabulous gay guy (BRog will work) we have a blast all day.
And let’s not forget my great college, which I love, is there for me to go to 5 days a week.

Kind of didn't want to leave that world. 
I guess its back to reality winter boots and all.

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