Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I am

In one week I get to be any thing I want.
Mondays I'm an Upper East Side socialite. For one whole hour I wear high couture and live in New York.

Tuesdays I work for a sarcastic Doctor. Who is brilliant and a tad insane? I only get to do this Tuesdays because it interferes with my plans to be a socialite on Mondays.

Wednesday I strut my stuff all up and back the cat walk. All the while thinking about how fierce Mr J and Mrs. Banks are.

Thursday I perform along side my cutie pie of a leading man in Glee club. Beating it out, and belting it out along with my friends.....and may I say the cutes Spanish teacher I ever did see. Of course I push practice down a day since I have to practise my cat walkWednesday

Fridays I am a Dr worried about losing my job, and since my hopes to snag McDreamy has officially been stomped, looking for a new love interest. And of course I am running a bit late again but hey I can only book so many careers in a day!

And that’s what I am every week night. When I'm not busy learning to be afab Journalist.

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