Sunday, October 18, 2009

the food bandit

Well I got a new house! I move Dec first. The Land Lords did not take it well. They have taken to ignoring us, and when their kids try to talk to us, they are hushed and sent inside. The curtains are drawn, the doors are locked and the family is on the DL.
I'm not entirely sure why they are so mad?
Did I do some thing?
I thought that I just gave them over a months notice. I mean if they didn’t see it coming they must be dense. I told them I was looking for another house (all of us did).

Any ways I can't do anything about their anger........unless I had super powers. But I would have a long list of much cooler things to do with super powers.

Have you heard about the food bandit?
The illusive bandit knows just what is mine.....and only eats my food. After point blank being asked Kam said no she had not eaten my food. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Yesterday an entire container of KD went missing out of the fridge. LeahN Eron and I were all gone Kam was home....................Must be a bandit. That’s the only explanation.

I hooked up on twitter today. Mostly I wanted to support this super cute girl who wants to be the next VJ on Much Music. So I figured I would twitter for a good cause! I got all set up and made a life changing decision. Twitter is where I where promote myself! See I am a hardcore Face booker...............but I don't want my actual friends to read my blog! So I have never done a lot of blog promo there.....but not one person I know is on twitter! Do you know what that means? Cathy Coppin uncensored!! woot woot!! So if you want to read a tweet or two, check out my twitter page......I'm going to post a link on the side bar....I hope!

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Marilee said...

Just had a thought - the food bandit wouldn't be lying if she actually threw the food and container away without actually eating it...vengence type...just a thought.