Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cry baby blues

Today I mostly want to get a few frustrations out.

1. Dear Reitmans,
I told you I can only work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for a reason. I have school until stupid hours ALL other days! So stop F-ing calling me every week (on the same day) and asking if I can work. Turns out I am busy......until the end of the year!
Some one who can think logically!

2. I once told you about my instructor Pete. Well even though Pete is a character he is a good teacher (the first time, he has an over tendency to repeat what he says, multiple times). However Z does not think so. He thinks Pete has a vendetta against him. That is why he keeps getting bad marks. Even though I must agree yes Pete does speak to Z like he is stupid, he doesn't hate on him. 
Dear Z,
Stop being such a huge cry baby! You are a 19 year old man, take matters into your own hands! Pete isn't giving you bad marks because he hates you (because if he was he would be out of a job). Just saying no one ever fixed things by being mad. Scheming however brings a different result.
Yours truly,
A very clever girl....

3. This whole H1N1 thing is a little out of control. I pay a lot of money to go to school, even if I have been in a tragic accident I can't afford to miss classes. So why do you think I am going to stay home, just because I have a cough. Well apparently the college thought of that, all students who cough in class will be sent to the health clinic for a mask...............really?
So today I walked past the health center and coughed, really really loud! Way to stick it to the man, right? lol thats just how I role. I may be into many out landish fashion trends, but H1N1 mask will never be in that list. However I did see a little Asian girl with one that matched her scarf! I still don't think that trend will catch on.

4. Maybe my landlords don't hate me. I was walking home from Wal-Mart last night, and got a wave. Also all the children have been permitted to talk to me. Weird, I wish they would make up their minds! Hate me or don't. I mean it makes me feel like a huge idiot after venting on my Mother about how mean they were being, and then turns out they aren't being mean? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!

5. In case you didn't guess from #3 I am sick. I don't understand the whole getting sick thing. I was perfectly fine, and then all of a sudden sore throat! What happened!? Did my immune system decide to take a holiday?? If so, can I get a new one, one that is willing to work over time in the winter and holidays? Is it not bad enough that I have to deal with wet snow and cold? Why must you throw in a head that feels ready to burst and angry cats sliding down my throat!

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