Wednesday, October 7, 2009

strait up ballin

That tile has to do with nothing. Other than the fact that Z said that phrase for about an hour strait yesterday. I meant to write last night......turns out I figured Reba was more entertaining than blogging. 

Saturday I called the province of Alberta. Here is a sample of what I did.

*Ringring Ringring  Ringring*
Hi! I a college student.....

*Ringring Ringring*
...Hi, I'm a college student, and I am conducting an opinion poll for a cla

That was my Saturday.

Sunday was a long day, to stay awake during this day I attempted to play hearts on my lap top. After two hours I was addicted.
"Cathy conference is over. You don't have to sit there any more."
"NOOOOOO. Douche bag tricked me into getting the queen!!!!"
That was Sunday.

Monday was I came home form school to a note on the board.

"Hey guys, I think we need to talk about the problems that we have with each other. You know he said she said, apologies, that kind of stuff. Let me know! Text me?"

I talked to my other two roomies; we all came to the same decision. 
We don't have anything to say to you.
I erased the message and did my home work.

Tuesday I decided to get healthy! I woke up in the morning and strapped on my running shoes. I turned on my ipod and started to run. I got to the end of the block and remembered I hadn't done that in a while. Since my lungs now felt like they were on fire, I gave up for that day. When I got home my foot began to hurt again. 
Looks like I'll stick to yoga for a while!

And that is my week so far. PS if you are looking for a laugh today, go to the itunes store, type in "The Moth Podcast" click on this picture

And download Jessi Klein: Dale
It's free, and a good laugh about someones bad day.

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