Monday, October 26, 2009

Tim Hortons is a place for love

ok it's not......I mean the more glamorous loves take place in places like starbucks, or little coffee shops downtown.
So Tim Horton’s is a place to discuss love.
I spent the afternoon with Bri yesterday. We of course made our way to Tim Horton’s after shooting some very horrible sequences for visual class. We ordered a drink and sat.
First topic of the chat........candidates for my love.
If you know me you know I don't date a lot. If you really know me you know that it’s not so much I don't date, it's more I am overly picky and clueless.
But regardless of the fact that I am content with my single status Bri insisted there must be some one I liked.
So I caved, and tried to think of someone cute.
3 boys came to mind....all in my program at school.
So I told her.
Hours past, and we sat talking about our loves, our parent’s loves, and our friends loves. 
After I got home, I watched a riveting hour of AFV and went to bed.
I got to class and started my work. Bri leaned over.
"Where's your boyfriend Cathy?"
I laughed and went back to editing.
"Oh there's your other boyfriend Cathy!"
So I have three boyfriends.
How talented am I. Saturday I was I am a polygamist.

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Tiffany said..., lol, lol...thanks for the laugh!