Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my interent is down

Mostly my Lap Top sucks.......I swear I will get a Mac one of these days and be done with this PC bull!
But for now I will let you all know I am alive.
Between work, school and homework I am surprised that I am still wake!
Oh sleep how I miss you so.....your wonderful and amazing and one of these days I will enjoy you to your fullest.
Interent should be up next week! look for a new post then.
Until then feel free to comment on old post!
I like comments.
And if you are a reader, but have not clicked follow or commented please do so!
Take a look at old posts, and please stop on by such blogs as Peter DeWolf, 4MonkeyMom, and Clever girl goes blog!
Talk to you in a bit!

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