Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 days off= Heaven

So as those of you who have read me last blog know, I put my back out. The pain wasn't good, but the 4 days I got off work for it, was great! I had to endure alot of pain for those 4 days off, so I decided to enjoy them to the fullest.
Friday night as you may or may not (but you should or your crazy.) know was the night before breaking dawn came out. Now I dont think of my self as a scary twilight fan, but in reality I am. So I dragged my roomie along with me to chapters to eagerly wait in line for 2 hours for me pre ordered copy of the greatest book ever written!
So I then re-thought the whole 4 days off plan. yes I could sleep and do all the things the chiropractor ordered.....or I could read breaking dawn non stop for 2 of the 4 days. I chose option #2. Do you blame me? I mean come on. Its been months since I finished eclipse....I needed to know, and then I was hooked. I like to think of the twilight series as my own personal drug. Once I start. theres no putting it down. After finishing Breaking dawn I was broke and couldn't but the next one. it drove me completely crazy! (Sad I know) I just want more Edward and Bella, More Jacob, More of the Cullens. I a have to take this second to thank Stephanie Meyers for here amazing books. With out them I would still be a normal person. Who isnt addicted to an imaginary family! lol.
In the end I finished Breaking dawn yesterday at noon. After I shut the book, I felt a kind of lose. a sadness. Thats it. Thats all. And i have spent every hour since then dreaming of twilight. Last night I had a dream about vampires. This is strange for me....I usually have really weird and warped dreams, but never with imaginary characters in them. And who dreams about vampires!!!
But now I get to enter back into the real world, back to work, and no more Twilight to read.

So on a slightly less obsessive note, Saturday, my Mom and Brother and Step sister came for a visit. They brought me a new couch.
I dont know If I mentioned it but, I moving to a new place!!! Im so excited, I spend hours at work thinking about re decorating and all the fun I`m going have in this apartment. Just me and Laura.
Anyways My family. So the came and dragging this huge couch into my living room with no help from me, (Back pain So inconvenient.) And then we were off to run errands and such. I usually have a blast with my mom, But it seems when you add other members of my family in the plot, we dont get along so well. I dont know why, its rather strange. But Its always been like that. Im pretty sure thats why my mom spend more alone time with me. So we can enjoy it. By the enc of the day we had crossed the line with teasing my brother, and she was tired broke and ready to go. Oh well, I guess I just forget sometimes that she`s my mom. I usually think of her more as a friend. I guess thats why when she acts motherly Its so weird for me.
After they left, the slightly down mood was lifted by a trip to the theater. To see Mama Mia. What a great movie that is. Its corny and dumb. But I dont think anyone can resist a good ABBA song. And the guy that plays sky, is rather good looking. Not to mention, the Mom and her 2 best friends remind me of My 2 best friends and me. I sure 30 years from know when our first kids are about to get married, there might be quite a bit of singing and dancing form the 3 of us. If not just because we think it would be fun, but to embarrass our children

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Tiffany said...

I it took me a second to figure out why your mother would bring you a coach. Are you joining a team, have your qualified for the Olympics? Oh wait.....she brought you a COUCH?!!! Silly Girl.