Friday, August 15, 2008

Candian Id'Earl

Im sure there are plenty of american Idol fans out there, but i've never really gotten in to that show. I have always felt that the singers were not very unique (minus jason castero from this season). But only twice have become obsesed with Canadain Idol. The second season, because of jacob hoggard.

Who only made it to the top 3, but has become the most successful Idol in Canada, Because of his band Hedley. But after being completely obsessed with Idol for um well many many years, I have finally found someone Who I think is equally as talented as Jacob (if not more).
Earl Stevenson. I highly suggest you check him out hes A) beautiful and B) EXTREMELY talented and C) Albertan!!!

I also have an amazing talent to predict the winner of Canadian Idol. In season 2 I guess who it would come down to (Kalan and Teresa) And that Jacob would be 3......he's amazing just not what Canada wanted (Canada being the old Lady's and 15 year olds).
So in the end I love EARL! and hope he goes away.....but I truly think he's to talented to win Canadian Idol something about him always being him, makes me want to marry him, but not make Canada vote.

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