Saturday, August 16, 2008

To be a big sister

those last 2 entries sound like something I would have wrote in grade 8. lol. oh well, you can take the girl out of the farm but you cant take the farm outta her.
Anyways, this past week my younger brother has been staying at my house. I dont think I have spent this much time with him since my mom got re-married (4 years ago). First off I noticed a few things. he's still the same just much much LARGER. He still doesnt say much, and when he does its really hard to follow, he's really bad at telling stories. He still eats A LOT. I still have no problem telling him what to do, and he still does it.
He is how ever a lot cleaner. He does dishes and picks up his crap. And he has interest other than the latest ninja turtle action figure now. He knows about grown up things, like drivers licences and such.
We had a pretty good time, on Friday I kinda wanted to drop kick him. But I think thats more that he back talks now and it pisses me off.
It has been weird to be a big sister again. I declared my Independence a long time ago. And for the most part I have been doing it with out my parents. So It has been strange to have family around, my plans to pick up and move cant be blurted out at every moment and I have to watch what I say. it's weird how your family is part of your life but at the same time totally not. Being a big sister again was fun, but I think I still like my freedom. funny how with me family is like being tied down. I dont know why I think like that. Weird.

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