Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Big BANG Theory

So let me start by saying that this has been one of the worse summers of my life. That maybe because I love summers, and usually jam them full of love and sun. And that this summer I was stuck in a hot sweaty bakery with Christine the manager from judgmental hell, and my best friends were all fighting. I was completely pushed away by my best friend, who I really needed. i was forced to deal with family issues (that was like a swift kick to the back of the head.) I was stuck in a house with a room-mate that was cool, and then turned into analrella. The first and only guy I liked here moved eastward.........the list goes on and on and on.
So needless to say this summer was in need of a hero.
About 2 months ago I realized I was way over my head, and had no way out. The only thing I could do was wait.....I hate to wait.......If you know me you would know I HATE to not be in control...... It was HORRIBLE!!!!!
And so since there was nothing I could do, and no way for me to know what was going to happen, I created the big bang theory.
The theory would be put into motion 2 weeks before I go back to school. When my best friend that pushed me away, left for two weeks.
All at this time I started the count down to the last day of full time work. That was great. It made me hate ever second of work more than the last.
Then I had to sit down and think about how to deal with Cody ( the best friend that pushed me away). Each day the Bang Theory changed.
One Day the Bang theory ended in me Running away to Saskatchewan. To deal with the family part of my summer.
The Next day The Bang Theory Had me telling Cody to forever stay away from me.
The Next day the Bang theory had me walking up to the boss from hell and very calmly telling her, that she is a crazy, psychotic ,bosszilla, and that she needs to find true happiness in her life.
The Next day the Bang Theory Had me forgiving Cody.
But regardless of what lead up to the Big Bang Theory I knew one thing. The Sunday before schools started the Bang would occur.
The Bang the solved this crappy summer, or the Bang that set me into a downward depressed spiral of tears and emotion.

it happened.
Sunday at 4 o'clock

So let me end by saying this way by far the hardest summer I have had in a long time. But in the end, everything was put into place. My heart no longer feels like it was put through a bread slicer over and over again. It is put back together, and has room for the new adventure that this year has for me to find. And even though all my Friends arn't at peace with each other, I made peace with them. And know I have to plot out a a new theory. the Cathy's Magical Life Theory, or the Everything Will Work Out Theory. the Chill or Be Chilled Theory.....

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