Friday, August 1, 2008

to love life....or to break down that is the question.

have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything goes right and wrong at the same time? It sounds impossible, but it is not.
At this moment theres so many things going right for me, but so many things not.
I got a new apartment. I love it, its going to be just me and laura. Its by stores and not in the middle of no where. It gets to be all me and laura, and I am so stoked for it.
But I found out my LandLady...let us call her Sister Anal, Wasnt planning on letting us stay here after our lease was up. Because we dont clean the house good enough. First I dont see what that has to do with her, and second I have a life!!!! Dishes take the back-burner! Freak I hate her. it was really nice of her to tell us this, so we had time to find a place. I have a place, but what if I didnt? Where would I be then?
I Finally am working descent hours. I'm wracking in the money, which is great. I dont even mind that I have literally no life. All the money is getting my debt payed off.
I hurt my back. well not just hurt. damaged horribly. I saw the chiropractor, he was disgusted with how horrible my back was. Told me to get on workers comp....cuz unless i enjoy the stabbing pains in my back, my back wont be getting better anytime soon.
I Quit my second job at Key Man. It was great! I'm so glad to be getting some spare time back. I forgot how nice it is just to relax.
However, after my manager read my notice, she decided to be rather annoying. and instead of giving me normal hours, so I could make as much as I could my last 2 weeks she gave me 2, 3 hours shifts! what a waste of my time!
N wrote me on facebook. It was great to talk to him. I really miss him, and we have great convos. He told me to call him so we can talk on the phone.
This ripped open the slowly healing wound, that occured after he left. and I started getting over him. Now I am back to the " If you arnt suppose to be in my life why are you?"
So these are a few things in my life right now. Is it good or is it bad I dont no. But I plan to lose my self in the next twilight book! I get my copy at 12:01am!

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