Saturday, July 19, 2008

299 dishes on the counter, 299 dishes.......

Some people live their lives for their parents, their spouse, even their dogs. This month I have lived my Life for work. Yes it is a sad realization when I get on my knees and can only thank my God for all the hours I have been getting at work, and that the bus didn't crash between here and downtown, and that I have an extremely comfy bed.
But surprisingly enough the constant work hasnt been bad. I would take it any day to sitting around and doing nothing, Like I was before. But between the sound of the bread slicer and the sound of silence at my other job, i have a lot of thinking time.
Heres a few thoughts.

Monday.....around 8:00 am
Laura and me should open a really awesome coffee shop. I would never have to listen to a boss again (BONUS!). We love food, we love to bake, we love the vibe of the coffee scene. You know the layed back relax urban alternative feel. We love local art and music. And old music. Would not all those things make the most stellar Coffee shop. And we could sell cheap awesome coffee. Have local bands play every Friday night, show local artist. Have only the best variety of oldies (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley....) Punk, Folk, Indie, and everything else we like.
I then proceeded to plan out how it would look, what it will be called and where it would be. And that Laura and I would live in apartment over top of save money.

I dont know why I quit IGA. It is not all that bad....I really like going to work there. I then listed off every person I like there and who use to work there and why. That filled up a good 4 hours. Since I pretty much like everyone....

Wednesday............Why the crap did I give my first day off so i could work for Gail?????WHY!

The List goes on and on, filled with random stupid Ideas, old memories and new thoughts. But today It took a rather serious turn.
As some of you may know I have a friend named Cody. its been a really long time since I have written about him......but for follow up about our friendship, read old posts. anyways. So about a month ago I told Cody, that I just didnt want him in my life anymore. I told him I could still hang out with him when he was here, but I just couldn't let him hurt me anymore. I meant the time It wasn't even just a sneaky girl mind trick to get him to stop being a jerk. It was how I felt. I actually never thought that he would just back off. But he did. He took himself out of my life. And wasn't even mad about it. And I was Fine...Peachy. But today a stab of regret came to me. I seriously cut my best friend out of my life AGAIN!!!! why do I let people closest to me that hurt me. I only have ever had 1 friend I let really close to me who didnt hurt me. I dont know what to do.....but I know that I cant let myself be treated like I was.

A few weeks ago I went on splits with the sister missionaries. And I talked to this really nice guy. If I could spell his name I would but for now its R. so I saw him a few times after and said hi. But last night I rode the bus with him and we waited together for it before hand for like a 1/2 hour. And I had the greatest time. He is really a awesome guy. We talked for a good hour and joked around. I hope we get to be better friends.....I need some wicked more mean ones. LOL.
Any ways This was a see last week was Lauras week for dishes and she didnt do them all week this week was Graces, she didnt do them. and the smell has become to much for Im doing them. 299 dishes to go!

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