Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 more months

I dont actually feel im doing anything with my life right now. My one goal is to pay off my laptop. I have 2 more months to achieve this goal, I want to say Im well on my way. but I feel that would be a lie. I want more than anything to not have to use my student loans to pay it off, but that is what im afraid will happen. Not for a lack of trying. but anyways all that is besides the point, I have spent 2 months not furthering my life, and I only have 2 more to go. Do you know what happens in 2 more months. I start my second semester of COLLEGE!!!! i think i may be the only person on the face of the planet who is counting the days until she can go back to college.
Of course I am still not registered in any classes for next semester. Also not my fault I went on the first day of registration to get the classes I wanted. But I had to switch in to my major. and after doing so they informed me I dont get to pick my classes for this semester (which truly bothered the control freak inside of me). So I have been waiting since April for my new class list. June came and went, and I decided I needed to call and see if they wanted me back. They told me to check the Internet at the beginning of July, and classes would be up. I checked yesterday. No Dice. I checked today, twice, No dice.

So Since living your life to pay off a laptop debt isnt really that fun, I thought that if I had my classes I could at least look forward to that. But NOOOOOOO. I bet they just dont understand how bad I want to know, Its like a small child Christmas eve, but you dont know what day Christmas is for sure, but you know its coming soon. Its just mean to play with my heart like this!
School is not the only thing that is happening in 2 months. my lease is up September 1st. This is SO exciting for me, not as much as college, but close. This means I can at last run away for my Grace problem. I am hopefully moving t6o a new place with just Laura in September. That could be fun, I'm excited about having my own place, that I dont share with 600billion other girls and there interesting personalities. Laura and me have pretty much the same reactions to things, and we think pretty similar, so we work together pretty well. That's not saying we dont have our problems. but for the majority we are good. I take care of her she takes care of me. we have like this groove together, it just works for us. we make good room mates. And Laura only also shares my out look on Jesus pictures, one is all you really need.

A new house will also mean a new ward, which ends up with new people *cough boys cough cough*. And since the only boy I have really been interested in (minus perfect bone structure boy) has moved away, I guess I need to meet new ones. I really like my calling in this ward Im in, Im a teacher. but im sure there are others.

I guess Im just ready for the new.

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